Life Sucks

its a surprise it all really is a surprise.


2. Meeting

I vowed to myself that I would never and I mean never let a guy trick me into falling in love with him this is why I have rarely left the house. I am in my room and Veronica *note disgusted when she is ever mentioned* comes in and I have earbuds and I have it all the way up and she shakes me and I turn and I say what and I take one out and she says your dad has clie-and I put the earbud in and she takes it out. I say hey woah personal space bitch honestly and she says look okay I have put up with your shit for three years I am not dealing with you anymore and I say get out and she says this is my house too and I say are you a product of my father do you pay him wait no I know how you help pay with a payment of a blowjob and she slaps me and says I am not putting up with you and I say get the fuck away from me now. She says oh that's right you are never told what to do and I say really because for about four years of my life my mom told me to keep quiet and she looks at me and I say oh you never heard about the days my dad was gone and my mom would lock me in the closet with water for five days at least two weeks at most just so she could pretend it was just her and her boyfriend and I never existed GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM.

She says your father wants you to co-and I say yeah and I wanted him to come home when she locked me away but guess what he didn't I wanted him to believe me but he didn't. She says get over yourself and I say get out of my room and she grabs my wrist and I say let go of me and she stands me up and I say stop and she just starts undressing me and I say what the hell are you doing and she says shut up. She puts this dress on me and I say is this from your days as a working girl and she looks at me and says I will hit you again but harder and she holds her hand up and I flinch and it reminds me of my moms first boyfriend and she says lets go and she drags me downstairs and there are a shit ton of people downstairs. I sigh and I sit on the steps when she walks away and I just watch and its the dumbest ass thing ever usually he keeps me hidden away but for some reason he has me downstairs and he comes over and says hi Gracie and I say why am I down here and he frowns and says I know you don't want to be here and I look at him and he says I have a surprise and I look at him and he says come on and I get up and follow him.

We go in his office and he says Grace this is one of my clients and I look at him and I say um hi and my dad says you are going with him. I say um no I'm not and he says yes you are its already done he already paid and I look at my dad and I say you you sold me and he says Veronica and I want a fresh start and I say so you sold me. The guy says don't worry you will love it and he grabs my wrist and I say no and I look at my dad and I say daddy please and he says its too late Grace and he walks away and I say daddy and I start tearing up and he says come on we have a flight to catch and I say let go of me and he drags me out the door and outside and to his car.


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