Silver and Gold


1. Silver and Gold

In the olden days  lived a noble man who has a  wife and two daughters. The oldest he called Gold and the youngest he  called Silver. Their two daughters were so pretty that they loved them so much. A good neigbour provided them with milk and honey. The noble man did not worry about life until one day a bad King from a neigbouring town came and drove them away  from their estate. While they were making their journey the wife died and the noble man remarried again. She bore him a Son this  the  noble man   called   Diamond. Gold and Silver grew up and got married.  Diamond grew up and became a fisherman. Gold married a farmer and had three children and Silver married a  trader and had Six children. They came to the land of Rising  Sun and Setting sun. Gold ,silver and Diamond became very rich.  The  son of Silver went to a  far country and discovered that everything there bares the name of his mother, mother s sister ,mothers brother.Then  he began to ask questions. They told him of a noble man who was driven away  that he owes all these   properties. He did not know it was his grand father. He was sad and decided to go home and manage what he has. He came back and was crowned the King of setting sun.   The children of Gold , silver, Diamond and their great  grand children  grew everywhere, in  the land of Rising sun ,Setting sun, üpper Niger, lower Niger and across the country.

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