Silver and Gold


2. New World Secrets

It was not known  if  I have been  in a new place . Imagine a beautiful  world full of people. One is not certain when the world would  be  a place  full  of  human and it is a    Specific cycle. justice  is  crown of those who were fenced  with Baboos ready to hear word of hope robed in white with different attires of the continents. The people in this Garden were  happy. Is it  mearnt for always?. Some share words  of happiness , others cared for young ones and old. Does it look like activites of the day?. Caterers were sharing  fruits pending hours of  that time . We were  happy to see each members of our family. Is it reality of life that even those we thought could  not make it have made it. People of bad behaviours try to come into this garden but  was not allow because  it was too late.Some wonder why it is a specific place. Divison of labour is like our present world . I asked  why all over work of earth. May it be,  that earlier writers have known about this Garden .We imagine this world  we live, our souls and spirits exists. Most works will continue to go and move from one generations to another. The enviroment has come to the expectations of our wish on normal day to day job.

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