1. Love You....Goodbye








Michael sits on the edge of the bed, thinking to himself, "Why does nobody love me."  He lies down and




folds his hands over his belly. The door creaks open.

"Mikey, you awake." y/n whispers, making him all tingly, you see, Michael loved y/n , but he knew she'd never feel the same.

"Yeah, why?" He says looking at some hate on twitter.

"Luke ate all the pasta, and im hungry, can you help me cook some?" y/n asks, Mikey smiling.

"Yeah just one sec." Michael says

'Okay” y/n says closing the door. He pulls a hoodie on to cover up the scars. Before he leaves, he gets a notification, seeing he makes him break.

"You’re worthless to 5SOS." He read aloud. "You’re worthless to the boys, friends and family." Tears blur his vision. "Most of all your worthless to life. Nobody cares about you, nobody loves you, kill yourself already." He looks at the likes 100k. Mikey throws his phone across the room, not bothering to look at the dislikes. He drops to the floor weeping. He looks up, sniffling.

"You know what? I'm done with cutting, its over." he grabs his computer and sets up the webcam.

"You know, i get a lot of hate, and i tried to stay strong, but i can't anymore. I just broke. You fans meant everything to me and 5SOS, and you guys are the closest friends i ever had, i wanna thank my family for raising me well and getting me to be into music , without you i wouldn't be in such an amazing band. y/n, i always had a crush on you, well i loved you actually, but i guess you never saw that, besides you'd never feel the same, you're too good for me, so i guess this is a love you goodbye."

Michael turns off the camera and stuffs water, antidepressants and crackers in a bag. He climbs out the window and goes into the forest, before it can engulf him, he turns around,

"I will never stop loving you."

Y/n walks into Mikey’s room "hey bud, you in here?' No answer. "Mikey?"  Y/n sees the open window and the computer out. "What? Mikey, where are you." y/n presses play and watches the video, she breaks down. "Michael, no, no."

Quickly, y/n jumps out the window with a flashlight. "Im coming for you Mikey, don’t worry I’ll be there."

Y/n looks around the woods, calling out for Mikey, when she’s walking, she kicks something, an empty bottle. "MIKEY!"  Y/n yells in a cry.

"Y-yeah?" a soft voice speaks.

"God, where are you?"

"Over hear." Mikey says behind her.  Y/N turns around to see Michael lying against a  oak tree.

"Mikey, are you okay!?" y/n cry’s, running over to him.

"NO! Go away, you can’t see me like this, i need to leave!"

"You can’t leave, your too important."

He shakes his head no.

"NO you can’t leave, your too important."

"No im not." Mikey cry’s out.

"Yes you are, you’re important to the boys, your real fans, family, and me, because i love you Mikey..." Mikey’s eyes close, y/n feels his pulse, still there, and calls 911.

“911 Police, Ambulance or Fire?"

“ AMBULANCE! My friend overdosed, he’s still alive.”

“(Your address)

“Be there soon” The operator hangs up, y/n drags Michael to the front of the house, the ambulance already there.



You watch Michael get loaded up into the ambulance “Is he gonna be okay?” you ask.

The paramedic looks at you, while putting IV in Michael, she huffs and looks away, another paramedic looks answers you while he’s closing the stretcher.

“We don’t know Hun.” 

“Is he gonna be okay, is he gonna be okay?”

“Those were very strong antidepressants, he could be in a coma, but we don’t know.” A paramedic says. They exchange glances, the paramedic closes the door.




The doors close and you watch the blurry lights fade into the darkness and the sirens getting softer, muffled by your cries.

“I’ll be there for you, wherever you are.”



_5 weeks later_

You were together at last, no hate, and nothing to stand in your way, everything was perfect, just the way you wanted it. You’d travel the world and nobody would bother you, and every night you’d sleep under that oak tree…



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