Carry On My Wayward Son 2

Jess, Sam, and Dean investigate a murder, where a woman was ripped, and missed more than half of her blood.


5. Unallowed

I yelled out, as Jake bit into me again. My arms were bleeding, and my legs were too. They had ripped my pant legs, and my shirt to get to bare skin. I was so dizzy, and it hadn't even been an hour yet. 

    "Okay Jake. That's enough we don't want to kill her, just yet," the woman said. She seemed to be there leader. 

    "Thank you," I looked up at her. I knew I looked weak, like a hurt animal that has no where to go. 

    "We are turning her right?" Jake asked, as I slouched again. What was I supposed to do? Act like some prissy little girl, who would just say 'Bite me again Jake.' Dean, and Sam weren't coming for me. Dean practically acts like he hates me, and Sam is just a sick lost puppy that fallows Dean everywhere.

   "You're so stupid!" someone yelled at Jake. It was a man. "She's a hunter!" 

   "She's a what?" Jake asked. "That's why those two men were with her."

    "The Winchesters," the man said. I chuckled. 

    "You wish you hadn't taken me now," I looked up at them. "They'll kill you all... There one of the best... My name is Jess Winchester.... My father Dean isn't going to be too happy with you..." 

     "Oh god what did I do?" Jake asked. 

     "You just killed yourself..." I smiled. "How do you feel?" he punched me then. 

     "We turn her in front of their eyes. It'll break Dean's heart, and we'll go in for the kill," the woman took the boys out of the room, and I sat there alone sobbing. I didn't want them hurt. Why do I keep getting into these situations? That's when I remembered the knife Dean had given me. It was in my pocket. I twisted myself around, and grabbed the knife from my pocket. I started cutting the rope. when it was off, I took the back way out. They had gone through the front, and if i was right there'd be woods behind the old warehouse. That's when I heard them, so I ran. 

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