Carry On My Wayward Son 2

Jess, Sam, and Dean investigate a murder, where a woman was ripped, and missed more than half of her blood.


2. The Crime Scene

"Stay in the car," Dean said. "Sammy, stay with her." 

    "Seriously?" Sam whined. 

    "Yeah, seriously," Dean said. He got out, and walked over to some police officers standing by a body. 

    "Who is that?" I asked. I saw his face then. It was a boy, not much older than me, but I knew him. his name was Jake. The last time I saw him, he beat me. Jake had moved after that, and I never saw him again. I never wanted to. 

    "Jess are you alright?" Sam asked. I shook my head. "Who is he?" 

    "Jacob Venus," I told him. "One of my ex-boyfriends." I told him the whole story, then Dean got into the car. 

    "Dean, we have a problem," Sam said. "One of them knows her."

    "Seriously?" Dean asked, and I smiled. The car jerked into motion. We were headed for a motel. 

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