Carry On My Wayward Son 2

Jess, Sam, and Dean investigate a murder, where a woman was ripped, and missed more than half of her blood.


12. Serious Doubts

I ran beside the car, as it sped down the road. That's when I saw the barn. Sam turned the headlights off, and I smiled as I crept into the great unknown. 

   "Get off of me you, bitch!" I could hear Dean yelling. Sam handed me a knife when he got out the car. 

   "We got to get him now," Castiel said. That's when I saw how many vampires were guarding the farm house. 

   "Well there goes plan A now time for plan B," I grabbed a gun from the back. It wouldn't do any good for vampires, but if it meant I'd help Dean escape than that's what I was doing. "I'll distract them, and you two get Dean. Tell him that this had to be this way, if I never see him again."

    "You can't," Sam told me. "He'll never forgive me." 

    "It's my fault for going outside, it's my fault we're in this mess. Sam, just let me do this," I told him. He nodded like he knew the feeling. "Now go." They both left, and I walked up the driveway. Instantly they saw me. I started shooting. I hit some of them, and other just came after me. When they all started running towards me. There had to be at least four. I head for the forest, and that's when I heard Dean. I looked back. They were turning away from me, and running back to the farm house. 

    "No!" I screamed, and I ran at them. Before long all of there heads rolled onto the ground. I ran into the house, Castiel was on the floor knocked out, and Sam was fighting a woman. I knew what she was going to do, she was going to aim for his stomach with the knife she had in her hands. Just before she could strike I pushed Sam and the knife slid in. Instantly I slumped, and the woman pulled the knife out. I slid onto the ground, and that's when her head rolled onto the ground. It was Dean. He was untied. 

    "No," Dean said. "Cas!" 

    "Is Sam okay?" I breathed unable to look up. 

    "Yeah," Dean told me, tears shown in his eyes. "He's okay."

    "That's good," I said my eyes were so heavy. "Dean, thank you...." I couldn't talk, the world slowly disappeared, and then all I saw was white. 






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