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  • Published: 15 Oct 2016
  • Updated: 15 Oct 2016
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1. He



The flickers of his smile;

Were the gleams of hope in a crowded room,

That charming shift of his face,

More alluring than a scent of the sweetest perfume


To feel the fleeting brushing of strands of his hair,

Was to be caught in the tangles of his vivid  snare,

To be longing for the sensation of his embrace,

Was the electrifying rush of the adrenaline pace.


To feel the touch of his lips was the sensation of bliss,

A heavenly encounter was contact against his skin,

His presence in your life, an earthy paradise,

To rid you of destructive emotions, a kiss would suffice


To be with him, the answer to the riddle that was misunderstood,

The reassuring glimmer of his eyes was sudden belief that you could

He was like the absent piece in your undeveloped puzzle,

He, who comprehended thoughts behind that metaphorical muzzle,


He, who you’d come to expect as the inevitable gift,

 Like the anticipated turning of winter to spring,

That one rope that was sturdy, in a handful of feeble string,

He, was who turned out to be instead, the drizzle of rain,

Adding a downpour of self-doubt, against an already vivid stain,


He, whose vacant seat would have you in constant desperation,

The lack of his company was to sink in dejection;

 His absence was to be mental starvation,

To see mesmerized gamblers, was to see your reflections,

An addictive player, crediting on the patience of your social connections,


He, who you would deal time on absurd chances,

And yet he, who would ‘color up’ the slightest advances,

He, whose presence too, was exasperating mind play,

Had your thoughts under the illusion that time spent was overlay,


He, whose company was also disorientation,

Had you delusional

or was it the sleep deprivation?


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