A Piece of Me


2. The Mystery Man

           It was finally seventh period, and I was heading to my favorite class of the day, band. I  was nearing the corridor that lead straight to the band room when SMACK! I ran straight into my Best Friend Alan. Hearing snickering from a group of 10th graders behind us, I started laughing and said "Sorry Alan, I should probably pay attention more than I am now, huh?"   

        "Its fine," he said "but I guess Ill have to get you back for that now wont I?" 

         "I guess you will, and I will have to sleep with one eye open until that happens.  

         "Oh yes you will." he replied in a sly tone which made him sound weirder than he already is. 

         "Come in, were going to be late for...."  The bell cut us off. "Great, I'm late." 

         "Well, now that were already late, there's no need to rush." He said.

         And we walked to class, showing up five minutes late, while the band was getting warmed up, we snuck in and were almost in the clear when, "You're late, on your first day. Now is that a first impression that you want me to keep in my memory, the first time I've ever seen you is when you two walk into class five minutes late?" Mrs. Mettsinger said.            

         "Sorry madam" Alan said. 

         "You better be," She replied. "And what about you Miss?"  Looking toward me when she spoke.

         "Umm. Mrs. Mettsinger, I've been in band for eight years now, I'd hardly say this was a first impression. And plus I have a perfectly good explanation for why I'm late." I said boldly.      

          "And that is?"     

                  "I tripped in the hallway, onto Alan, all of our papers flew everywhere just as the bell rang and we had to sit there together sorting out our homework and our papers to make sure we had the right ones." Which wasn't completely true, but not completely false. A little improvision never hurt anyone.       

        "Is this true Alan" She asked him. He nodded. 

      "And did anyone else see this happen?" She asked the entire band. At first everyone was quiet, then a mysterious hand flew up, one that I'd never seen before. It came from the percussion section.      Mrs. Mettsinger saw this hand and instantly called upon it.  "And who are you?"           

             A softly accented voice spoke up. "I'm Colin Stammer. Moved here from Germany about a week ago."        

               "And you saw them trip in the hallway?" She interrogated him.    

          "Indeed I did, I was right behind them with my friends," He said, so he was the one to laugh at me. Why would he be sticking up for me? He doesn't even know me. "I would've stopped and helped, but you've never met me before so this would actually be a first impression to you and I didn't want it to have me being late."      

            "very well then," she said "you've all wasted enough time dilly dallying around, so get out your instruments and play."   

             Who was this Colin guy. Why did he lie for me? What is happening? All of these thoughts rolled through my head as I walked back to the percussion section. Well, I guess I should introduce myself since he kind of took a risk for me, and since he's walking over here anyway....

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