first thing


1. first thing

y/n -your name

h/c- hair colour

e/c-eye colour


y/n p.o.v

first thing I see when I wake up in the morning is you but that is not going to happen because we live two different lives and that is never going to change, when we where kids I used to see you all the time but now you have grown and you are busy I guessed you didn't have time for us anymore but the first thing is I will never stop loving you even if u forget about me.


unknown p.o.v

I watch y/n sitting there writing in her book upon closer inspection I see that she is talking about some guy and that really gets on my nerves if I can't have her than he defiantly can't have her, I love the way her h/c hair swishes when she walks or how her e/c eyes look at everyone around her like she is reading them like an open book, I also love how she holds her pencil when she writes in that book of hers I know what you are thinking by now I sound really creepy by now so I would keep going even though I could.     


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