A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


13. The cops are around

Shortly after Luke told Emma to call the cops Luke,Emma,Nevah,Callie,and Justin heard a bang in the closet.  They all jumped up. What they see in the closet was a boy no older than 15 if not a little older than that. He had blood all over him, he had black hair,and blue eyes. He was crying. You could hear the sirens coming from outside. All Callie,Nevah, Luke, and Justin said to the boy was what happened what did you to our friend get out of my friends´ house and leave. The boy got up and ran out of the opened window in the corner and said", I will be back to explain what happened. It was all a mistake!" and he took off running.  As the boy runs away from the house. Just as the boy runs the cops just pulled up to  Clary´s house. Everyone had to leave Clary´s house as soon as they arrived. Callie she barely ever cries and the one time in her life she cried over her best friend friend. As Callie and Nevah continues to cry Luke and Justin explain what happened to Clary to the cops. The only part they did not  tell him was the part with the blue eye boy.  Callie stayed with Justin over night so he could comfort her if she needed it. Nevah stayed with Luke for the same reason that Callie stayed with Justin.



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