A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


15. Nevah and Luke

Callie and Justin left before Luke and Nevah. Luke drove Nevah to his house. No one was home.  Nevah  started conversation first ," Nevah you know that we are more interactive with each other then Callie and Justin are when they are together?" he said pulling the door shut. " Luke I am hungry I didn't eat anything at the party." " Here I will cook you something." Nevah stops him and reports" No, I am not hungry for food I am hungry for something else. She shoves him into a counter. "Nevah not here." " I need a shower Luke I will be back I didn't want that gsh." She heads to the shower. Nevah was almost done taking her shower and she hears a door slam. She shuts the water off and looks for her cloths, they were not on the counter where she had them. She grabs her towel and walks out of the bathroom. When she walked out she ran into Luke sitting there laughing at her because she began to yell at him. " Luke can I please have my cloths back?" Luke rans off with  her cloths into his room. he hides them under his bed. Nevah walks into his room with only a towel on with a huge smile on her face ," I see what this is all about."  She walks and sits on his bed. Luke comes and walks to sit on his bed besides Nevah. He lays on the bed smiling at Nevah. " Nevah I really love you I hope you know that!" He jumps to pull her down beside him. She starts to take his pants off and his shirt off. He slowly takes her towel off. He kisses her and starts to lick her first than licking her breast working his way down he finally go to her vigina. He lickes untill he had her moaning ," Luke ahh. He put his tongue in her enterance of her vigina she was moaning agian. He had no cloths on.  He stopped putting his tongue in her he went up to kiss her she literally tasted herself. She could feel that his dick was hard very,very hard she stopped kissing him and licked him down his abs and lower she went the more he was moaning. "Nevah you ahaha." She was finally to his dick she put it in her mouth. He squirted, she spit on him. After, she was done giving him head she went up to kiss him he too tasted himself.  It was about 2:30 in the morning before they finally were done having sex with each other.

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