A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


14. Justin and Callie

As the cops started to leave Callie went home with Justin so she did not have to deal with going home and explaining what happened at the party. As the left Callie heard something she did not know what it was so she just ignored it. They arrived at Justin´s house it was almost midnight so Callie slept in a spare bedroom that used to belong to his sister. Later in the night Callie could not sleep, so she walked in to Justin´s room. He was sound asleep. Callie tried not to disturbed him so she just slided into the bed next to him. She heard that same voice that she heard at Clary´s house. This voice said ," Callie it was not his fault. It was my fault.:" Callie started to cry. Justin woke up because he heard Callie cried. Justin was holding Callie in his arms. Callie and Justin barely ever touch each other so this was a big difference to what she was used to. Justin said to Callie" Callie look I lover you I really do, but I don´t want you to never be able to have fun in your life because you hear Clary or anyone else. Look Callie there is one thing I want to do with you." Callie stopped crying. Callie replied," Justin I love you too I love you more than I love anyone in the world!  And Justin what is it you want to do with me??" Luke replied ," Callie it was this." Justin pushed Callie to the bed kissing her. Justin released his grip on Callie and she said," Justin that was amazing. You were so right we never get close to each other and I think we should no often." Justin trying to regain the gut to tell Callie that he loved her again said," Callie I know that you have a lot on your mind, but I want you to know I love you more than anything and if I would of never met you my life would be a whole lot different than it is now since I met you." Callie crying because she never was this close to Justin than she was now was soo happy to know that this is the one that will be there her whole life and beyond. Callie did not care what time in the night it was she just cared that she Callie Corrow was sleeping next to the best boyfriend in the world. Callie looked at Justin and kissed him again because she felt like she needed to kiss him one more time. Justin said to Callie," We better get some sleep instead of staying up all night making out with each other." Callie laughed. They both layed down beside each other and went to sleep.



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