A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


5. 5.The Day of the Party

It is finally the 31st of October,the day is nice and it is starting to rain and it started to get dark. Naveh and Callie finally decided what to wear. Callie is going to wear an all black laced dress, it was long and strapless also. Naveh is wearing a neon pink dress with straps,was long also it was laced .Luke was going to wear a tux and so was Luke.The boys were going ask the girls out on Luke bocking. Naveh went to Callie’s house. After that they went to Luke´s  house like he asked them to , but before that they were straightening their hair. Callie put dark purple lipstick on and black eyeshadow. The purple really brought out her raven black hair. Naveh on the other hand put on a dark pink and pink eyeshadow. It brought out her bright gray eyes and her bright blond hair. They both look amazing. They both love the way they look Naveh totally loved it Callie did to but she didn’t tell she just keep it to herself.

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