A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


12. 12. In the Basment

What Callie and Nevah seen would change their life forever. They screamed! They seen Clary’s body on the ground in the basement covered with blood. Luke asked Justin if he heard a scream and he said,”No why?” Luke replied “ Because I just heard someone scream, I think it came from downstairs.” “Wait where´s the girls?” Justin asked Luke. Luke only replied with a gasp. While everyone else was still having fun at the party. Luke and Justin ran downstairs only to see the girls crying by Clary´s body. When Justin tried to calm Callie and Nevah down. Luke yelled up the stairs ",Someone call the cops now we need some one as soon as possible." Only one girl named lzzy seem to hear and only replied with", What do you need I will do. What you need me to do?" Luke replied ", Call the cops some one killed Clary."

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