A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


11. 11. The Creep that is right beside you

After Callie, Justin, Nevah, and Luke have been having that same feeling that someone is watching them they never thought about the murder that was running loose. They never knew who they could trust and who they couldn’t it was all a big game that they will be learning how to solve. It has been about a year since they heard about a person getting kidnapped or killed, so they just decided it was the press trying to scare away the citizens of the town. The four of them met at “Ices Favorite” and begin to think about how weird the last few months have been. They never thought that they would have to find out who or what is behind them .  They didn’t know who to trust or what to do when they are out and about. Luke and Callie was out watching a movie. They just didn’t feel right at all. Callie, Luke, Justin, and Nevah was out at a party they were invited to, the party was not like a normal party it was on December 14 it was like summer out it was warm not too hot just like a fall day. The party was in the country near the woods. The woods is near an old house that no one lives in.  The party was for another of Nevah’s friends, her name was Clary. Clary was on the cheerleading squad for their school. Their team finally won a basketball game, so they were pretty happy. This made the team have a more of a bond together. They had an after party for the team after winning their first game that season. They were the champions of the year for the score 86-45. Their basketball coach was so happy that he had a party at the Clary’s house with  all the basketball coaches and the teams. They had the party, so that the other teams and coaches know that they  did a great job also. Callie, Luke, Nevah, and Justin had a feeling that something is going to happen. They was out have fun dancing then all of a sudden there was a loud sound coming from the basement. Everyone was upstairs enjoying the party, but didn’t realize that Clary went downstairs to go get some more snacks for the party.After they notice that Clary was missing she didn’t say anything about wanting to go downstairs to go and get something. Callie and Nevah went to go check what was going on downstairs.  What they seen they would never be able to sleep again…

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