A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


10. 10.The Ghost

The girl and the boy ghost just wouldn’t leave Callie and Naveh alone now they are showing up at their school, making them mess up in classes even though Callie barely pays attention anyway. Sarah is seeing both of the ghost also.  Only she is seeing them in the bathroom while she puts her make-up on.  Also she is seeing them in her room even more than she ever seen. They never knew that this would happen to them they knew something was going to happen after their gem they got for their birthday party.They  never felt like this nor have they ever  had to deal with ghost. Callie thinks that the gem Justin and Luke gave Nevah and herself was ancient the never seen something glow like this did they both had a surge of energy after  they never could sleep because they was awakened by the sound of a  crying boy and girl.  They both knew that once the boys gave them the gems their life would be change forever and so it was..

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