Roll the Dice

Five innocents, one killer. Figuring out who's who might just kill them all. [Possible entry for the Halloween comp??]


2. Five, Four.

    The silence that rang after the gunshot was louder than the sound itself. Kristen was crumpled in the corner, a pool of blood creeping across the white floor. She didn’t move. Asa turned and vomited, and Mark stared in blank disbelief. Mila began to cry. 

    “It wasn’t her,” Sofia whispered, her eyes wide and trained on the girl in the corner. 

    “What?” Kevin replied, his eyes snapping to the ticking clock. “Oh.”

    Sofia seemed to curl into herself. “I was wrong. I… I killed her. She’s dead because of me.”

    “No, she’s dead because of him,” Mark insisted, glaring at Kevin. “How do you feel now? Does killing people still sound like the best solution to you?”

    Kevin’s eyes flickered to her body, then back at Mark. “Yeah. Yeah, it does. I still say a few people dying until we get it right is better than all of us dying for no reason.”

    Wiping an arm across his mouth, Asa leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes. His face was nearly the color of the wall behind him. “Do we have to sit here with… that?”

    “It’s not like a clean up crew is going to come in,” Mark snapped. “It’s probably supposed to make us feel guilty.”

    “She had a name,” Sofia broke in, looking up. “She had a name. We just killed her, and we didn’t even know her name.”

    A moment of silence fell over the group. None of them had shared their real names, and no one was volunteering. 

    “Like I said,” Kevin began slowly, “names only breed attachments, and attachments make killing harder.”

    “Why are you like this?” Sofia whispered.

    Kevin just looked at her. Asa spoke up weakly, saying, “So if we tell you our real names, does that mean you won’t kill us?”

    As if in one sudden moment of realization, everyone’s eyes fell to the gun still clutched in Kevin’s hand. He had the power to choose who was next. His fingers clenched around the metal. 

    “I said it makes it harder,” Kevin replied. “It doesn’t make it impossible.”

    Asa gave a humorless laugh. “Great. It seems real safe that you have the gun.”

    “Give it to me,” Mark suggested. “Until we decide who’s next.”

    “Oh, you’re on board now?” Asa asked, glancing over at him. “Whatever happened to group martyrdom?”

    Mark didn’t even spare him a glance. “Just give me it.”

    “No way in hell,” Kevin replied, shifting his weight back onto his heels. “You’ll do something stupid like swallow all the fucking bullets.”

    “You can’t just keep killing people. You’re not a serial killer,” Mark insisted. “Unless… unless you are.”

    Kevin laughed. “In this room, who gives a fuck what I am? I’m going to survive.” Kevin’s posture was strong and straight. There was no flicker of weakness in his eyes, and no one doubted that he was serious. “In fact, just keeping on killing people sounds like a pretty foolproof plan. I know I’m not the killer, so if I just pick you all off one by one, I’m bound to get it right eventually. Maybe some of you will even survive.”

    43:21. 43:20. 43:19. 

“That’s not fair,” Asa protested. “Why do you get to be the one guaranteed to survive?”

    Kevin waved the gun next to his head. “Because I have the fucking gun.” 

    As Kevin’s eyes were on Asa, Mila stood up from her crouch. Her eyes were still wet with tears, but they held a steely determination that they hadn’t before. She took a quiet step towards Kevin, approaching from behind. 

    “Maybe we should talk about this,” Asa said, his eyes trained on Kevin alone.     “There’s nothing to talk about. I just have to decide who I think it is, and they’re next.”

    Mila took another step. She was within arm’s reach of his back. Everyone else was pointedly not looking at Mila as she inched closer, then lunged for Kevin’s hand. Her tiny fist wrapped around the barrel of the gun as he jerked back, trying to throw her off. She sank her teeth into his arm, and he cried out but didn’t loosen his grip. 

    40:50. 40:49. 40:48.

    Just as the others were surging forward to help, Kevin drew back his other arm and punched Mila square in the jaw. Her tiny body flew back, hitting the wall. As she fell, her head collided with the corner of one of the benches, snapping it back with a sickening wet crunch. Mila fell to the floor and didn’t move. 

    With a little noise of distress, Sofia scrambled up, hurrying over to her. She chocked back a sob as she rolled Mila over, her pretty face marred with a giant gash and streaks of blood. Sofia pressed two fingers to her neck, then jerked back as if burned by her skin. 

    59:50. 59:49. 59:48. 

“Huh,” Kevin said, looking at Mila as she lay on the cold floor. “Guess it wasn’t her.”

    With a low growl, Mark charged at Kevin before he could even raise the gun still in his hand. He tackled him to the ground, and Asa scrambled to get out of their way as they wrestled across the floor. “You… killed…” Mark said as he drove punches into Kevin’s side, “two innocent… girls…” They flipped, and suddenly it was Kevin pinning Mark down, and the it was a rustle of clothes and blood and confusion and- 


    Everything stopped. Mark scrambled off of Kevin, blood on his hands, on his clothes. Kevin gasped through a gaping hole in his stomach. He gave a weak, bloody cough, his mouth formed in a little “O” of disbelief. And then he was still. 

    59:59. 59:58. 59:57.

It had only been an hour and twenty minutes, and three of the six were dead. 

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