The Boy in the Shadows


2. The Woods

Chapter 2


Jack’s head whipped around so fast he was sure it would fling off his neck and fly into the leaves. He searched for a speaker, but his eyes found none. Its was his imagination… just his imagination. For surely, he could not have heard what he had just heard. Surely no one had said his name. No, surely not. He turned with haste and took a step, not really knowing

where he was going but intending to go there anyway.

“Jack! Stoppit, would ya? I need to get you home.” Jack turned, raising his left fist and his left hand groped to his pocket, though the pants he was wearing didn't have any. He raised his other fist, surprised at himself. His arms had reacted without him knowing it, or thinking about it. They raised themselves in a threatening manner, like he had been trained to do it.


He turned his eyes to the speaker, and his face paled. He stared and whimpered, and eventually managed to choke out: “Y… you?” But he had not looked hard enough, and his brain had hastily linked this girl’s face with the one that he feared, without checking to see if the girl really was the same. But she was not, though the resemblance was uncanny. This girl looked remarkably like the girl from his dreams, but now that he looked closer, Jack noticed this girl was much older, on the brings of being a woman. Her eyes, though still startlingly bright, were not blue, but green. Her face was confused.

“Who are you?” Jack snarled, or at least he tried to, but his voice wandered on the way to his mouth and when it came out, it sounded more like a whimper.  Her face was mingled with surprise and curiosity.

“ I thought you would never have gone this far Jack.” The girl said sadly. “ I believed Calvin and I meant more to you then this. Please come home and I will explain this all”

Jack’s eyes flicked from the girl to the town.“ No!! Stay here Jack.” The surprising force in the girl's voice made Jack stare in surprise. After a mental battle with himself, he chose to stay in the woods and talk to this girl instead of facing the police, who would surely arrest him.

”Are you going to tell me what the HECK is going on?”

“ Come home and I will explain”

“ I don’t have a home”

“ Yes you do, and a brother and a sister” The girl left him to his thoughts for a minute before clearing her throat to bring him back to the present.

“ Who am I!” the question that was tugging on the sleeve on Jack’s mind burst out.

“You are Jack.”

“I know that. But who AM I”

The girl sighed, beckoned, and sprinted off through the woods, the leaves rustling in her path. He hesitated, staring at the town, but as the screams of sirens crept into the air, he sprinted after Emily, listening for additional danger.

“You can’t do that! You can't just show up and start telling me to do all this stuff. I don't even know you!” The girl surveyed him sadly. “Just, please, Jack, come home. Calvin can give you the reverse memory powder and you can have your memory back.”

Jack sighed. “Fine,” The girl beamed. “But who is Calvin? And what is your name?”

“Oh, god, I forgot you didn't know who I was. I’m Emily, your sister. Calvin is our brother.”

“I have a sister? And a brother? Do I have any other siblings?” This, the girl ignored, and she turned back to the woods and resumed her sprint. Jack had no choice but

“It’s not much farther through here,” Emily said, surveying him with interest, her voice not even winded, though Jack was out of breath. “And when we get home, you need to shower. You really do look dirty.”


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