Never forget me

When Louis leaves Skyler with his abusive father, will Skyler ever find a normal life at a new school in a new country? How will she react when she meets her brothers best friends, and will she ever trust anyone ever again.


5. 5

I woke up really early, which is weird. I never wake up early. It was a Sunday morning and I have nothing planned. I got out of bed and walked downstairs to be greeted by a sleepy Mikey.

“Hey there Mikey, what's up?” I ask making sure to not wake mom up.

“Shhh!” He said pointing at 3 boys sprawled out on the living room couches.

I saw Luke first. Not because he was the first one in my view, but because my eyes wandered to his body. I watched as his torso fell and then rose again. His plump lips were slightly parted and I could hear his faint snores. And to make everything worse he was shirtless. His muscular body screamed at me calling for me to wrap my arms around it. His hair was super messy, which was really hot.

“Sky!” Mikey whispered with his hand waving in front of my face.

“Oh, sorry. I was… I was just watching Ashton snore, he's pretty loud.” I say biting my lip holding in the embarrassment.

Mikey drags me into the kitchen where we make pancakes. I made sure to have the first one. What can I say, I love my chocolate chip pancakes.

“Hey can you go wake the boys up, I'm almost done here,” Mikey asks flipping another pancake.

I nod slightly and begin to walk to the living room. I walked over to Ashton first shaking him slightly. His muscular arms pulled me down and wrapped around me bringing me into a hug.

“Ashton you have to wake up,” I say giggling.

“Mmm 5 more minutes mom,” he says holding me tighter.

“Ash! Wake up now!” I tell him. I was about to slap him when he picks me up and pulls me over his shoulders.

“Ashton put me down right now!” I scream pounding on his back. Calum jerks awake from all of the noise staring in confusion.

“Fine,” he replies dropping me to the floor. But something breaks my fall.

I look down and see a huge muscular body holding me stable. Underneath me, Luke holds my shoulders up so that I don't touch the floor, his bright blue eyes cutting into me like daggers. I felt his hands soften their grip on me and heat begins to rise in my cheeks. Our lips are so close I can practically taste him.

“S-Sorry,” I manage to say.

“It's okay, I don't mind,” he replied giggling with a deep raspy voice. So fucking sexy.

I look down at our bodies, we are so damn close. Nothing in between us. Before anything can happen I begin to get up off of Luke and he helps me up.

“Awkward…” Ashton says behind me.

I roll my eyes and straighten out my shirt and walk back over to the kitchen acting like nothing happened. I stare at Ashton who walks into the kitchen.

“Really?” I say continuing to hold my stare.

“What? It was,” he says giggling softly punching my arm.

After breakfast is finished I run up to the bathroom and take a quick, hot shower. I finish and wrap a fluffy towel around my torso and grab my clothes. I change into a tank top and high waisted shorts. I quickly dry and straighten my hair as usual and do my normal makeup routine which consists of mascara, concealer, and a bit of brow gel. I walked downstairs to be awaited by 4 boys.

“So where are we going today boys?” I ask with my hands on my hips.

They all look at me in confusion until Calum speaks up.

“We are gonna go check out the music shop and maybe the skate park, wanna come with?” He asks.

“Sure!” I say slipping on my converse. I was always a sucker for music stores. I loved how classic they looked with all of the records hung up on the walls. Skate parks were not my thing though. I remember being really good at skateboarding until one summer when my dad got really sick I stopped to help him. I don't know how but I lost my talent and after that, school got too much and I didn't have time to practice. On top of it all Louis and I always hung out at skate parks. He was amazing at skateboarding, I never told him about my talent though…

“Hey, are you okay?” Mikey asks beside me.

“Ya, just thinking.” I say giving him a small smile. He grabs my hand and gives it a strong squeeze. It was his way of saying he cared. Whenever dad was in the hospital, Mikey always took my hand and squeezed it to let me know that he was there for me. Cheesy, I know.

We arrived at the music shop first. As I walked in the aroma of wood and cologne filled the room, it was amazing. I walked over to the record stack first finding a Nirvana disk. It looked so ancient, so antique, I loved it. I smiled to myself, it was funny how much a piece of music can bring someone so much joy. I feel like music is more than an art, more like expression. After my dad died and Louis was gone, I began writing music. It kept me away from the sadness and depression, my escape. Some of my music pieces were really good, I just didn't think anyone else would like them.

“You gonna get it?” I hear a voice ask me. I whip around to face Ashton staring at me smiling.

“Nah, just looking around,” I say relaxing a bit.

“I never knew you liked them…” He says taking the record from my hands.

“I love them, their music is amazing. I have like all of their records.” I laugh rubbing my arm.

Ashton places the record back on the shelf and grabs my hand.

“Come on, I wanna show you something.” Ashton's says leading me into a hallway.

I could hear singing and a guitar being played from a room a couple doors down. Ashton continued to lead and we stopped at a room which had the door wide open. I poked my head inside and caught a glimpse of the room. It had electric guitars everywhere of different shapes and colours. There was also a drum set which was surrounded by speakers. On a chair sat… Luke?!

He continued to sing ‘A Team’ by Ed Sheeran and play his acoustic guitar obviously not hearing Ashton and I. He was amazing. The way his voice flows with the chords was incredible. I stared at his fingers as they strummed the guitar string by string. His voice was so beautiful, I could listen to it for years on repeat. Wow he was amazing-


“Shit I'm sorry!” I say picking up the guitars that crashed.

Luke and Ashton started laughing before helping me pick up the guitars.

“I'm sorry I interrupted, that was amazing Luke,” I say looking into his deep blue eyes.

“Haha thanks it was really nothing…” He says blushing and looking down.

“What do you mean that was nothing?! You need to use your talent! I thought it was really beautiful.” I say grabbing his arm. Luke stares at my hand which is placed on his muscular arm and I pull away. Too close Sky.

“We have a YouTube channel, but we only get 100 something views. It's probably going nowhere.” Ashton says shrugging. I forgot he was here.

“Well I think you guys are incredible.” I say giving them a smile, “Come on, I wanna visit the skate park.” I tell them skipping out of the room.

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