Never forget me

When Louis leaves Skyler with his abusive father, will Skyler ever find a normal life at a new school in a new country? How will she react when she meets her brothers best friends, and will she ever trust anyone ever again.


4. 4

I see Luke and feel heat build up in my cheeks. I feel his eyes watching me as I pick up an apple. I take a bite and glance back at him. We hold a stare for a couple of seconds before I turn away and head downstairs. In the basement, my guitar awaits me. I begin to string a couple of chords and hum along. Before I know it I'm full out singing to Katy Perry’s teenage dream. I don't hear the door open, but Mikey and Luke walk downstairs. I look up and jolt away from my guitar.

“That was amazing Sky, you never told me you were that amazing.” Mikey tells me.

“I didn't think I was that good, I'm kinda terrible at guitar and my voice is shaky,” I reply looking at the ground.

“Ya but with a couple of good lessons from amazing teacher, you can be crazy good, award winning,” Luke says kneeling beside me. His presence makes me shiver, I can't control myself. I turn away from him feeling the heat in my cheeks and walk over to Michael. I can't fall… Not again. I turn back over and see Luke with a frown laid on his face.

“I-I have to go,” I say stuttering. Stop it sky you're making a fool of yourself. Mikey nods and walks over to Luke who gets up and walks over to Miley's electric guitar. I quickly run upstairs and into the kitchen. What the hell am I doing? I'm going to get hurt again, I can't let it happen. I shake off the feeling and walk upstairs. The sun began to set, it was beautiful. I walked over to my window and opened it. It laid over a part of the roof and I stepped out of the window and onto the roof. I climb onto the very top and rest my head back. A bright orange and pink colour washed over the horizon and the sun was a burnt orange colour.

“Hey!” I hear a voice breaking my train of thought. I turn to face the strange Australian voice to see a tall boy with curly brown hair. He was wearing tight black jeans that made his legs look super muscular and a nirvana muscle tee. He was walking by and glanced up at me.

“Hi.” I say giving him a small smile.

“I'm Ashton, you must be Mikey's sister!” He says giving me a friendly smile.

“Ya, Skyler, they're inside in the basement if you need them,” I reply

“Oh, thanks,” he says turning away. He looked almost… Hurt.

I wait on the roof staring at the sky until I hear a couple of knocks on the window. I look down and see Ashton climbing out and onto the roof. He takes a seat beside me and fixes his chocolate brown fluffy hair.

“I was actually looking for you!” He says with a small smile on his face. What?!

“Oh, then here I am,” I reply awkwardly.

I look down at his hands and see a bunch of bracelets wrapped around his left wrist. Around 20 of them hold tightly. My heart drops and I realize that I am staring. He quickly takes away his arm and runs a hand through his locks.

“I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to… Stare.” I say shakily and push my hair behind my ears once again.

He looks away from me and stares off into the distance. You idiot! Why do you have to be such an oblivious idiot!

“I should probably go…” He starts to rise up but I quickly grab his hand and yank him back down.

“No wait!,” I scream. “I understand.” Without thinking I pull up my shirt and reveal a bunch of scars. His eyes open wide and his mouth hangs.

Before I realize what I am doing I quickly pull down my shirt and tuck back my hair. I look away into the distance and mentally scream at myself. Why the hell did you do that! You barely know this kid, and he probably thinks you're stupid and an asshole and a depressed bitch who doesn't care about anyone or anything-

“I started 2 years ago. It was so hard to deal with all of the pain. I never told anyone and no one asked. I felt like no one cared about me or my life. My mother was a druggie and never liked us. She screamed at my younger brother and I telling us to leave and do something productive. She called us names and told us we were worthless. She hated us so much, she wanted us to die. I never thought one day that my own mother would say that. My dad divorced her and tried to win custody. He won custody over one of us and I told him to take my brother. One day she over dosed. I remember waiting in the hospital praying to God that she died. I really wanted her to die Skyler. She came out the next morning. The funny thing was is that she never stopped. She always yelled overdosed and yelled some more. I never thought the pain would end. I found a drum set in our school and began to play, it was my escape. I met your brother and 2 others who helped me through hell and back. I never thought I would get better.”

He stares down at his hands and begins to fiddle his thumbs. I feel terrible. How could someone be so oblivious and have so much hatred towards a guy like Ashton. He is so sweet and kind and and…

“You are an amazing guy Ashton. And for knowing you for only a couple of minutes I can still say that you are kind and smart and sweet and so much more. No one in this world should feel the pain that you do.” I say giving him a confident genuinely happy smile and he looks back with tears in his eyes.

I pull him into my arms and embrace him. I can feel his heart pounding against my chest and his soft sobs, they are so gentle and quiet.

“It happened a few years ago,” he looks up and stares at me into my eyes, “I was way too young to experience anything like it but… It happened. My dad. My hero. My inspiration. He was diagnosed with a rare cancer. They told us he only had a couple of months. Long story short, the cancer spread to his lungs and heart. He died a week after the diagnosis. The week after I refused to eat, move, even get up out of bed. He meant everything to me. He understood me and I-I… I lost him. Never ever would I think that one day my happy gentle loving father wouldn't be there to laugh and live with me. It hurt, a lot. I skipped school for a week straight. My mom eventually forced me to go to school and everyone laughed. Everyone made fun of how skinny I was and how useless I was. They laughed at how my father wasn't strong and was worthless. They told me they wanted me to die instead of him and, to be honest, I wanted it too. I met a guy. He was happy but also hurting on the inside, almost like me. He helped me so much and fixed me. He found out that I cut and helped me stop. He left a year later. I was never the same without him. It went on and on. Not eating, cutting, skipping. People began to make fun of me again, but I found amazing friends and they helped. Not as much as the guy, but pretty damn close. He loved me, and I loved him. When he left I broke. We moved and everything changed. I lost my best friends and my life. Things were starting to get better and and…”

Ashton whipped away my tears and held me into his arms this time. I felt secure and I never wanted to leave.

“You are beautiful and strong and amazing, never think otherwise.”

I hugged him back. He understood me, kind of like Louis. I will never let him slip away. Ashton pulled me up and we walked back inside.

“It's getting late, you should get to bed. I'll be downstairs of you need me.” He said tucking me inside the warm covers. He plants a small friendly kiss on my forehead and turned off the lights.

“Night Skyler, sleep well.” He calls out shutting the door.

“Night Ashton,” I answer back smiling.

Someone actually cares about me. I never ever thought anyone would still care.

*Heyyy I'm back! Tysm for 180 views WHAT?! Also thanks for being patient with me I couldn't find wifi when I was away so I couldn't update. Love youuu <3

Xoxo SJ*

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