Reunion Part 1 - Entrapment

Refer to Prologue at beginning of story for description or summary of the plot. Kixi Rajki Cross Universe character timeline found here. Kixi Rajki role playing character and links to other stories that make up the ever going adventures of Kixi Rajki found here. Please note this version of the Kixi Rajki character, despite containing elements, names of characters and names of objects and technologies as the Kixi Rajki in the Kixi 3000 (K3K) also known as the KnM Blade story, is different, a different universe and totally unrelated.


3. Prologue




In the many years gone by, the Jedi Master Kixi Rajki had been under the belief that her entire immediate family had perished during attacks on her home world at the unforgiving hands of the relentless tyrant Lord Xiz'Jhan. However in a recent twist of fate, while stumbling upon a shady source, rumour had unfolded suggesting that one had survived, the Jedi Master's younger sister Imogen.

Now desperate to find the location of her younger sibling, Kixi, along with her long time lover and partner Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, make the impetuous decision to journey to the perilous Sith controlled world of Coruscant. Not contemplating and totally oblivious that awaiting them is a trap, and one that has been masterminded unknowingly from one their own, one who has sinister plans for her own twisted agenda, the duo known as KnM Blade encounter a young Sith warrior who will stop at nothing to eliminate the Jedi Master at all costs.

Soon after, in an unforeseen turn of events, the duo fleeing for their lives encounter another Sith Warrior from a long past thought to have been erased from the memories of time, adding further complications to the already confounded situation in which Kixi unwittingly is a pawn in a game that is far bigger than both Kixi, Mako and their Sith antagonists can even ever begin to imagine.

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