Reunion Part 1 - Entrapment

While stumbling upon a shady source, rumour had it that Jedi Master Kixi Rajki's younger sister Imogen had survived an attack on her family and home world many years ago. Desperate to find the location of her younger sibling, Kixi, along with her long time lover and partner Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, make the impetuous decision to journey to the perilous Sith controlled world of Coruscant. Totally oblivious that awaiting them is a trap, the duo encounter a young Sith warrior who will stop at nothing to eliminate them. Soon after, in an unforeseen turn of events, the duo fleeing for their lives encounter another Sith Warrior from a long past thought to have been erased from the memories of time, adding further complications to the already confounded situation in which Kixi unwittingly is a pawn in a game that is far bigger than both Kixi, Mako and their Sith antagonists can even ever begin to imagine.


9. Epilogue




The beautiful and stunning Kes En’jusek looked down upon the motionless eyes of her victim as she removed her hand from the throat of the one she despised most in the entire universe. Kixi Rajki’s lifeless blue crystal like eyes stared back at the woman assassin, only moments ago full of life, now as lifeless as those of her deceased lover that lay dead beside her that Kes had only strangled minutes earlier. A cold sweat began to slowly run down the assassins facial glands, as she slowly removed herself from the top of Kixi’s body, in which she had used her own body weight to hold down her victim in which she had strangled. Slowly lowering her head, she leaned in close to Kixi to gently kiss the deceased on her now cold and motionless lips. Pulling back and reaching out for the dead Jedi’s wrist and hand closest to her dead companion on her right that lay sprawled above her head, she then did the same in taking Mako’s hand. Already being dead for the good part of five minutes, Mako’s lifeless hand felt cold as Kes placed the hands of Kixi and Mako together before placing them gently down again. Smiling to herself, she slowly lifted herself back onto her feet and stared at her two victims, a look of hatred but at the same satisfaction filled her emotionless eyes.

This was just one of many times that the assassin had run through her secret and heavily encrypted holodeck program, and one of many different ways she had done away with the two people she hated most. Killing Mako before the pitiful Jedi’s eyes gave her the satisfaction of not just killing the Jedi’s lover, but making her watch helplessly gave her a further sense of satisfaction before she moved in to kill the Jedi. Every time Kes repeated her holodeck program, and every time she unmistakably got her thrills out of it. Kes hated the duo. Especially Kixi. Yet Kixi, as was Mako, were totally oblivious to the fact. In fact for years Kixi had been friends with the assassin, from her days as a Sajnen Züncålazin until the present. Kes had been Kixi’s personal assassin and then a part of her ship’s crew to date. Kixi treated the assassin woman with nothing less than the highest and uttermost respect. However little was Kixi aware of the plans of the one she once served as his first prime, Lord Xiz’Jhan, and his plans to invade the galaxy and using Kixi as his pawn to gather intelligence during the years gone by. With Kixi key to Lord Xiz’Jhan’s plans, and the dark lord using Kes as his tool to constantly gather this vital information over the years passed, he strictly forbade the assassin woman to kill the Jedi and her beloved companion. At least for until the time of invasion was ready, something still years away. Not being allowed to carry out the executional slaying s of the duo was something that pained Kes greatly, and thus her reason to satisfy her own burning desire and allow herself to secretly simulate the kills over and over again.

“Computer end program,” she softly instructed the computer to do as the bodies of her two victims. along with the back settings disappeared and she found herself alone and surrounded by the empty walls of the holodeck aboard the MXS Morihei Ueshiba. Grinning to herself she exited the holodeck, confident and knowingly, that perhaps now, she had a valid proposal that would convince Lord Xiz”Jhan to allow her rid the Jedi and her pathetic lover a lot earlier than originally anticipated. “Yes”, she mused to herself. Instead of waiting years for until the invasion, a now looming journey back to the Androj’Meden Galaxy to find Kixi’s lost sister Imogen, meant that she could ultimately test the Midichlorian Degenerative Virus or MDV.  Thought to have been totally destroyed several years ago at the hands of Kixi Rajki herself, aided by her then Jedi Master, who in Kes’ eyes was nothing more than that repulsive alien Nautolan George O’Rourke. If such a weapon were effectively capable of eliminating any Force Sensitive, it would undoubtedly assist Lord Xiz’Jhan’s final assault over his Force Sensitive Sith and Jedi rivals respectively, something he no doubt would find most forthcoming.


Safely at last, the MXS Morihei Ueshiba found itself stationed at one of the larger hangar bays on Voss, the home of the Sanctum Coalition and of the Order of the Silver Jedi. Outside and into the night of the clear sky, gleaming in the distance were the glorious glows that shined from the many distant stars in space.

Kixi Rajki rested in the medical centre located in one of many building complexes located not all that far from the hangar area. Here she was attended by a surgeon droid who had attended to her injuries. The Jedi Master sat quietly, thoughtfully, while surgeon droid gently began to look at its patient, notably her wounded shoulder area.

Gazing up, Kixi saw Mako, followed by George O’Rourke and his adopted Nautolan daughter Nena Ka, entering the medical centre to check on her progress, and, perhaps, bring her a little cheer. But Kixi knew that the best therapy she had received yet while stationed on Voss again was in the radiant image before her.

Mako Jhasmin Zaneca was smiling. Her eyes were wide and sparkling with a wondrous glow. She looked just as she had that first time she saw her, now a lifetime ago, it seemed, in a place trillions of light years away, when she had been the first prime of the villainous Lord Xiz’Jhan, captured by rebels whom she spared when having attempted to escape, and being told to sought out a young woman who could help her find the true path of the light. That lady, then still just nothing more than a teenager, would became more than just the one that would help set in motion Kixi’s path destined to becoming a Jedi of the light, but the one and true only love of her life

Raising her shoulder and straightening her head, Kixi offered it to the expert service of the surgeon droid who examined the Jedi. Soon after the robot was done, concluding its final checkup of the shoulder. Kixi then let herself relax as Mako and the two Nautolans moved closer to her.

“Kixi” Mako’s soothing voice always brought a nice smile to the Jedi master’s face. “Don't worry Kixi,” she said with emotion, “We'll find Imogen.”

Then moving away, Mako stood alone at the great circular window of the building complex, her slim form dwarfed by the vast beauty of the many stars that shined in the majestic beauty of the night sky. She watched the endless stars and celestial objects that seemed infinite from where she stood.

Kixi, with George and Nena, moved to stand next to her. Standing together, the group faced the celestial beauty of the view ahead. They needed no words in this moment. Mako understood of the obviously very different relationship with Kixi between her younger sister and herself, and that a very strong bond between them existed in its own right. One in which she totally respected and would show Kixi her true love by supporting her and being close to her in such time of need. In this very moment, Kixi's mind and heart were with Imogen, no matter where she was or what her fate might be. Mako understood what she was feeling for she knew how terrible such a loss could be, having lost very much all of her own immediate family herself.

As to her own destiny, she was now more uncertain about herself than she had ever been. Even before leaving her own galaxy with her love, and with her loyal crew in search of a new life away from the turmoil she had left behind, and even before she had heard a calling, a calling through the Force to become the Jedi that she was today. However she did know one thing for sure though, that she had to return back to her own galaxy, despite the obvious perils that stood in her path, and set off to find her sister, the only sole survivor of her immediate family, and bring her back to her new home with her. Slowly Kixi put her arm around Mako and together with George and Nena, they continued look out, bravely understanding of the rocky path that lay ahead.

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