Reunion Part 1 - Entrapment

While stumbling upon a shady source, rumour had it that Jedi Master Kixi Rajki's younger sister Imogen had survived an attack on her family and home world many years ago. Desperate to find the location of her younger sibling, Kixi, along with her long time lover and partner Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, make the impetuous decision to journey to the perilous Sith controlled world of Coruscant. Totally oblivious that awaiting them is a trap, the duo encounter a young Sith warrior who will stop at nothing to eliminate them. Soon after, in an unforeseen turn of events, the duo fleeing for their lives encounter another Sith Warrior from a long past thought to have been erased from the memories of time, adding further complications to the already confounded situation in which Kixi unwittingly is a pawn in a game that is far bigger than both Kixi, Mako and their Sith antagonists can even ever begin to imagine.


8. Chapter 5


Chapter 5


From his position at the tactical controls, Lieutenant Ālrai Tānien controlled the large vessel. "Coming up to the Coruscanti System." He reported as Lieutenant Commander Jhes Je'Kesik, or just Jhes as she preferred, walked onto the bridge, and took position just behind General Braj'tec Qarr's right shoulder.

"Bring us out of Hyperspace, and park us in orbit Lieutenant." Jhes ordered as she sat down in the command chair, just a foot to Ālrai's left.

"Aye ma'am." He replied, and did just that.

The Jedi Master George O'Rourke, a guest onboard the Sajnen vessel, and ex-master to the now Jedi Master Kixi Rajki looked out the viewport, soaking in the image of the vessel exiting hyperspace, re-entering normal space relatively close to the busy Coruscant orbit. The exit from hyperspace had deliberately been made much closer than the usual, and from what was considered safe given the many ships of the sort busily moving within the planet's orbit. As it stood, George was seeing the planet, at the moment of re-entering normal space, as an object he could blot out with his thumb, but with the speed they were re-entering at, despite slowing down, meant that it quickly, within seconds filled the viewport.

When the ship settled into a stable geo-stationary orbit, Ālrai looked out at the planet below. Even at their distance from the planet surface they were above, they all could see the sprawling city that covered the entire surface of Coruscant, and to no surprise of everybody, and to some relief, they also saw a few Sith Cruisers and an extremely dangerous and powerful Eclipse Class Star Destroyer still some distance away between them.

The MXS Morihei Ueshiba was indeed one of the most powerful spaceships in the vast and faraway Andromeda Galaxy or Androj'Meden Galaxy, as it was known in the Sajnen Confederate in which it, and the majority of its crew had originated from all those many years ago. This particular ship, originally a Daedalus class or BC-304 as it was called by its original creators on Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, or better known as Terra-Sol in the Lat-Saena Galaxy within the Sajnen Confederate, the now ageing design, but still advanced ship was still in use by the Sajnen Confederate some almost one hundred years after its inception. Earth was still a young planet when it came down to it as a spacefaring world. In fact the sudden technological advancements in its space capabilities had only came about by sheer luck, a little over 100 of their years ago when an ancient alien stargate was discovered. Making it possible to open the doors to new worlds in many faraway galaxies, something that had only ever been dreamt of before, the humans of Earth were overtime able to forge alliances, discover and inherit new advanced technologies and become an advanced spacefaring world of their own. Earth's contact with the Sajnen Confederate was considerably younger however, perhaps half a century old. The Sajnen Confederate, a primarily human confederacy of planets comprising of 12 chief planets and several other provinces and colonies, had been an important ally to Earth for many a year, until recent times, until the rise of the dark Lord Xiz'Jhan who had forcibly conquered the entire confederate forming one command under his absolute rule. Earth and all its allies had as a result cut ties with the Sajnen Confederate, or the Sajnen Empire as it was now known. The Daedalus class ship had been acquired by the Sajnens during their earlier alliance with Earth, acquiring the ship and most of its Asgard technologies, or as the Sajnens called the species, the Zinglons. Consequently they called the ship model a Defiant class Battleship/Starship designated the XS-2005.

The ship boasted an arraignment of advanced weapons and other technologies. Armed with the mighty Plasma Beam weapons of the Asgard, the most powerful weapon ever developed by the ancient friends of the Tauri, that, the name the humans of Earth were referred to as, protected by the Asgard's latest shield and equipped with technologies far beyond those employed by the likes of the Jaffa or the Lucian Alliance. Ships of this kind and its brethren had uplifted the military might of the Tauri to a level that had been viewed by the rest of the Lat-Saena Galaxy in envy. The same could very much be said for the Sajnen Confederate in the Androj'Meden Galaxy.

This ship type was a pride of the mighty Tauri fleet, particularly since it housed the single most technologically advanced item apart from the relics of the Ancients. The same couldn't exactly be said for the Sajnen fleet which boosted far more larger ships of considerably more strength and firepower, however the technologies of the Tauri and Sajnens were very much on par. Their ships housed none other than the Asgard Core, a mighty computer of the Asgard that held every achievement and knowledge of the Asgard, now very limited to find since its creators had committed a race-wide suicide by blowing up their own planet. The Asgard beaming technology, having been constantly used and developed by the brilliant but physically frail alien race, had advanced in ways that would have surprised even the Alterans. The Alterans also being known as the Ancients or the Ancestrals by the Sajnens. Although the methods of designing and redundancies was still much less sophisticated than its Alteran counterpart, the Asgard's beaming technology was capable of creating almost anything.

Along with this technology, many other upgrades had been installed aboard the MXS Morihei Ueshiba, making it an extremely powerful and advanced starship. One of those upgrades was the sophisticated and powerful sensor systems that scanned, evaluated and displayed amazing amount of data from around the ship. It was, however, this sensor system that began to flash with red colour, so familiar in human psyche as a sign of danger. Seriously, flashing red lights could not be good, in almost all cases. So, it was obvious for Ālrai, the helmsman of the Ueshiba, to sound an alarm and consequently put all on high alert.

The Jedi Master George O'Rourke, calmly using his peripheral vision looked towards Jhes, the ship's third and currently in command, nodding an acknowledgement as a nearby ship had attempted to hail them.

“We're being hailed Lieutenant Commander." the Jedi reported. After a moment, he added, "The Sith are requesting permission to board us.”


"Finally Jedi Kixi Rajki, finally after all these years I have this pleasure to finally get the opportunity to see you suffer as you should have the first time. You and that disgusting pet of yours that you fight for as if she were some divine being." The Sith Lord's words of nothing more then pure hated echoed through the motionless night, and above the sound of the ever moving busy Coruscant traffic that surrounded them in all directions. The tall cloaked scarred human male, surrounded by his hoard of serving loyal inquisitors snarled at the Jedi Master and her warrior companion wanting nothing more than to torture the duo into a slow and painful death.

"Sorry but do I know you, I don't recall ever seeing you before until now?" Serious trouble was probably an understatement given the Jedi was not only out numbered now, but had used up very much all of her reserves in the previous battle with the Zabrak Darth Ayla. Despite her predicament, the Jedi master composed herself calmly. "I have no quarrel with you Sith, I came here for knowledge of the whereabouts of my long lost sister. Darth Ayla attacked me unprovoked, if you would politely move aside and let me and my companion through, we'll gladly all be peacefully on our way." The Jedi master directing her energies towards the dark lord's mind, a futile attempt to persuade him to step aside she knew without a doubt, but nonetheless attempted the impossible.

“That Jediiiii is of no importance as your fate like that of your companion has already been sealed. Your feeble little Jedi mind tricks will not work on me. There will be no escape for the both of you a second time around.”

"A second time?" Kixi asked baffled

“Search your Jedi feelings, you along with your.....that lower class sentiment you protect as if she were the one in charge, fought against me and my inquisitors here on Coruscant years ago.”

Kixi raised an eyebrow at the Dark Lord's fascinating claims, standing silently with Mako as he continued on.

“You Jedi in particular fought bravely, until that...." He pointed his finger towards Mako, "Inferior sentiment being fell and you ran in to protect her, lowered your weapon and surrendered to me.”

And then it struck the duo almost simultaneously. The timeline, Kixi had altered it many years ago in order to save her beloved Mako who had become an emotionless cyborg in that cowardly attack on her at Kustetiera long before ever having made the perilous trek into the galaxy from her own. She had found and stolen a Sith holocron that contained the secrets of the Orb of Passage, a device that had been used for limited time travel by a Sith Lord long before her time. The duo had been captured by the Sith, interrogated, tortured and sentenced to death. In injecting nanites into her own bloodstream, Kixi had already sentenced herself to death, in a bid to keep her alive long enough to activate the replicated Orb of Passage within herself to take her back to Kustetiera, trillions of light years away and alter one pivotal moment, one that would save the woman she cared dearest for in the entire universe, and erase her capture and the impending deaths of both Mako and herself. All had been erased except the residual memory to those strong in the Force.

Continuing the conversation, the Sith lord could sense by the Jedi master's sudden reaction, by her flinch that she now had recalled the dormant memory.

“You were once possessed with the power of the dark side Jedi. It was how you gained knowledge of the Orb and activated its power. Finish what you started. You can still save yourself. Strike her down and join me, and only then will your journey to the dark side be complete.”

"Darth Zahl!" Kixi said slowly, her voice deep and firm, doing her best not overwhelm herself. This had been the final piece of the mystery puzzle of her life. In the years past after she had altered the timeline, then returned back to the galaxy and having become a Jedi, she had recalled most of the events that had been altered. First after having sought the assistance of the Grand Jedi Master Corvus Raaf, and then with her encounter with a notorious syndicate gang leader Vinskk Revamp in which she had actually worked with in obtaining the knowledge of the Orb before having altered the timeline. Yet she knew one part of the erased memory had still been missing, still having baffled her after the years gone past, and now it had come back to her. Just like when she had been in the presence of the gangster which had triggered that memory, the presence of the non forgiving Darth Zahl had produced the similar, but far more intimidating effect.

“Never! I will never join you nor strike her down. Like in the past that no longer exists, like the countless times before or after that, I will die for her if that's what it has to be.”

Darth Zahl immediately put out a wicked laugh, very much expecting Kixi's comment, while his team of masked inquisitors continued to stand there silently, impossible to determine their facial expressions beneath their red masks.

“You bowed down to me before when you surrendered to me to protect that.....thing. Now you will do so again.”

“On the contrary I did no such thing then as I altered the timeline and erased that from ever happening." Kixi laughed out aloud defiantly at the Sith lord more the less to insult him. "And now I will do no such thing either, regardless if I had or had not done so before in the past.”

“You altered the timeline to save her, after all these years you still protect her as if she is some idol. You Jedi scum, are pathetic! You disgust me in every way possible!”

“I protect those I love, something your kind will never understand.”

"Oh we understand all too well. You could be a lot more powerful Jedi. Your compassion towards others, especially her will be your ultimate downfall. Just look at yourself, you are better and more superior than her, but you basically allow yourself to serve her, a lower class of being. Pathetic!" The Darth Zahl shook his head in pure disgust.

“Oh but there you are mistaken. She is much better than me actually, in more than a great many ways. It's your limited view on life and the universe in general, combined with your hatred that blinds you.”

Darth Zahl again burst out in laughter, this time the evil in his slow laughter permeating itself deeper around them and their surroundings.

“I know where you're from, both of you. When you used that orb's technology moments before your execution, until you successfully altered that event in your past where that thing you disgustingly serve was saved from having to be turned into a cyborg in order to survive from her horrific injuries, I saw everything that happened and you did as a vision through the Force. You both are intergalactic travellers from a galaxy far, far away from here. Most intriguing may I add. Yet neither of you aliens belong here. Human or not, Jedi or non Jedi, I will ensure that neither of you escapes this time.”

"Well if you know my origins then why do you still want to kill us. You should have thus understood my intent back then for obtaining the orb's secret. Not to serve the Jedi, your enemy, but to serve my own needs. Again we never had nor do we have now any real quarrel against you, why not just let us go." Kixi said not even trying to use the Force to persuade the Sith lord. She knew he would never let them go, she was merely trying to buy them some time. She could sense her ship in orbit, frantically but futilely trying to locate them. But then she felt his presence, her old Nautolan master, the Jedi Master George O'Rourke. He in turn had found her, it would be only a matter of time before they would be rescued. She only had to stall Darth Zahl and his servants of inquisitors for long enough.

“Well we've heard enough of your blasphemy Jedi. Now it's time you meet your end. Neither you nor that inferior being you serve will escape this time.”

“Yeah, well I hate to have to be the one to disappoint you.”

The markings and scars that distinguished Zahl, would then be revealed further as he removed his hood and produced a grin far more evil than the Jedi had actually remembered from her now distant memory of her first encounter of the Sith lord.

“You think your friends who have just arrived in orbit can reach you on time. Fool! You think I don't know they've come for you. They'll never get to you and even if they did, you'll be long dead by then. As for them, they'll either be turned into nothing more than space junk, or be captured and suffer their own fate once our ships get to them.”

“Well that's all assuming they have to actually get to us in order to rescue us. Well they don't, in fact I'm anticipating that both my companion and I will be onboard our ship before you even get a chance to take your first strike at us which will therefore give my ship's crew just enough time to escape the system.”

Darth Zahl simply laughed again as he responded to desperate Jedi's fascinating and what seemed to be an impossible feet in terms of escape.

“You have any last words Jediiiiiiiii?”

The Sith lord stood there momentarily, disgust and hate radiating from his facial features and spread outwards away from his scarred body.

“So then be it Jedi. If you will not join us, then you and your feeble companion will die together!”

Just then a barge of electrical lightning burst out of his hands. In an instant already anticipating the attack, Kixi had her lightsabre at the ready catching the deadly lightening strike with the blade of her weapon. She could barely block it though, holding her lightsabre with just the one hand, staggering back and not becoming nothing more than charred flesh only because Zahl had momentarily decided to ease off. Straightening up, Kixi calmly turned off her blade, giving him the look of defeat, with her body language telling very much the same story. Clutching the right side of her body with her other hand, she coughed clearly in some amount of considerable pain and to the utter delight of the Sith lord. Mako ran up and took a hold of her, this to the pure amusement of Darth Zahl and his inquisitors. Yet despite the Sith lord being aware of the presence of the Ueshiba's presence high above in Coruscant's orbit, unaware he was, that the reason why Kixi along with Mako, who also had turned off her X2 Blade, was because oblivious their transporter technology was to him, and that they were about to lock on to both Kixi and Mako.

"And now look what we have here, the Jedi needs her little pet to keep her on her feet." Zahl snorted as he began preparing his final and decisive lightening strike that undoubtedly would this time end the Jedi Master's life.


"They're not requesting permission Commander, they are demanding it!" Braj'tec's voice was cold and stern as the words came out of his mouth.

"Ignore them General. Lieutenant Fuj'teca do you have a lock on them yet?" Jhes quickly turned to her science officer Dāni Fuj'teca.

“I'm scanning the surface now, finding them is proving difficult, the population is dense. Too much interference.”

“That not good, as clearly we've just attracted some unwanted attention. That Sith cruiser which has just tried to hail us, their ETA to intercept us is just under five minutes.”

“I'm trying my best Lieutenant Commander but—”

"Perhaps I can be of assistance. Kixi and I are connected through the Force, after all I was once her master. The Nautolan Jedi Master George O'Rourke, present on board the Sajnen Battleship didn't wait for a response from the Lieutenant Commander. His eyes already closed, he stretched out through the Force across the vastly densely populated surface below him. He could feel the presence of his former padawan below, and with that the presence of another. A dark signature resinated close to her. Kixi was in extreme danger, he could sense it as dire concern quickly engulfed the Nautolan's entire body.

“I've located her Jhes." The Nautolan said as he turned momentarily to give Dāni the coordinates. "I can feel her, I know where she is and Mako would most likely be with her. I sense the grave danger they are in. We must hurry. We don't have much time up here and they don't have much time down there.”

"Sith vessel is within three minutes of our position Lieutenant Commander with another closing in fast on our starboard side. The closest one is attempting to hail us again." The engineer Colonel Arden Callis frantically yelled out.

"Keep ignoring them Arden, Dāni, do you have a lock them yet." Jhes said anxious for an immediate update.

“Not yet. The urban density below is making it difficult to obtain a transporter lock on them, but at least I know for sure that Mako is indeed with Kixi. I'm adjusting a few variables here and there, clearing a few—”

“Don't tell me how, just tell me how long it's gonna take you damit!”

“Around a minute at best, two at worse.”

“Then hurry, we have about two and half before we need to be gone.”

"Colonel Callis, do you know if the enemy have beaming technology as we'll be vulnerable to them beaming aboard when we lower our shields to beam both the Captain and First Officer up?" Braj'tec surprisingly asked rather calmly.

"I don't believe they have beaming technology General sir." Quickly came the reply of the engineer.

“They do not," Jhes quickly reassured the General, "But nonetheless combined they have enough firepower to turn us into pulp. We must locate Captain Rajki and Commander Zaneca as quickly as possible. We won't last long out here.”

"Proximity Alert!" Colonel Arden Callis voice rang through the Bridge!

"We have a series of cruisers moving into our position now. Our ignoring of their hails has unfortunately attracted too much unwanted attention, including attention from that! I've never seen anything like it, that ship, it's, it's, at least 15 kilometres in length." The ship's chief engineer spoke with grave concern.

"It's an Eclipse Class star destroyer. It's exact length is 17.5 kilometres long. It packs a rather heavy arsenal and fortified defence. Two of its distinct features are its super laser, similar but less powerful to that of the Death Star, and its gravity wells capable of pulling a ship out of hyperspace and likewise preventing ships from escaping into hyperspace." The Jedi Master O'Rourke pointed out educating the crew of the Ueshiba on the newly arrived menace.

“Dāni, status on Kixi and Mako?”

"Still working on it Jhes and I'm afraid It's gonna take longer than originally anticipated." Dāni frowned.

"Shit... Arden power up the Asgard plasma beam weapons and Braj'tec answer the hail from that Sith cruiser. I'll try and buy us some time. Things never fucking workout that easily." Jhes cursed out aloud.

"Ma'am, I have four Sith Cruisers with weapons armed zeroing in on us. They're attempting to box us in. Distance to maximum firing range for closest ship in 1 minute 20 seconds and counting." Ālrai exclaimed and who undoubtedly would soon be having to put his piloting skills to the absolute test.

"The closet Sith Cruiser has charged weapons and is preparing to fire. I have the hailing frequency online Jhes." A crackle could be heard over Braj'tec's voice as an image of a tall slender black uniformed man appeared on the ship's main holoprojector.

“This is Captain Jenner of the One Sith ship the Avenger. You have entered Coruscanti space without the proper authorisation. Power down your weapons, drop your shields and identify yourselves and prepare to be boarded. If you do not comply, we will fire upon you.”

Jhes' face cringed at the mere thought of being boarded.

"They will enter our maximum firing range in 45 seconds and counting, and we will be in their maximum firing range in 1 minute 15 seconds and counting, ma'am." Braj'tec promptly updated the bridge on the situation.

“Identify yourselves! The image of Captain Jenner yelled out demandingly. Now or we will not hesitate to fire. I take it you are the captain woman?" The image of the black uniformed man then eyed Jhes directly. "Surrender as you are clearly out numbered and outgunned.”

"Yeah I'm in command of this vessel you Sith boot licking scumbag. We do not serve your filthy kind nor will we bow down to your demands." Obviously, Jhes had no intention of surrendering as that would without any doubt lead to their ultimate doom at the hands of the Sith. She was simply just trying to buy them the precious few minutes they needed to beam her Captain and First Officer aboard and escape.

"I strongly advise you reconsider your actions as you are not exactly in a position to —". The holotransmission along with the image of the One Sith captain abruptly vanished as Jhes cut the connection knowing stalling them any further would be a futile waste of time.

“We are now within firing range Jhes," Arden confirmed. "We have a lock on that ship.”

“Well then you may fire the Asgard Plasma Beams at the Avenger when ready. Fire two bursts and if needed a third.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

Two bright blue beams exploded out from the Ueshiba and struck the Avenger . One beam instantly drained the shield of the Avenger and several minor explosions appeared across the hull, then the second beam entered the Avenger and shattered it into thousands of pieces.

"Well we made nice work out of Captain Jenner's ship, good aiming Colonel." Jhes could not help but giggle to herself in amusement at seeing the enemy ship become nothing more then floating space junk and debris.

"We can't expect to do that to their entire fleet, and most certainly not to that monstrosity of a super star destroyer Jhes." George O'Rourke was quick to point out to the Lieutenant Commander who had somewhat appeared to become too cocky after their first quick and easy kill.

"Yeah, sorry, your right Sir Jedi." Jhes quickly said apologising for her unnecessary behaviour.

"Helmsman get us closer to the planet, and away from the other ships since we now have a small opening." Jhes quickly barked the order coming back to her senses.

“Yes, ma'am, affirmative.”

The Ueshiba's primary sublight engines kicked in, propelling the ship toward the planet. From the distance, the Ueshiba's heading was toward the bright lights of the totally covered surface that made up the planet. The other pursing ships followed.

"Jhes, we finally have a lock on both Captain Rajki and Commander Zaneca, I'm lowering the shields and initiating transporter beaming!" Arden announced as the ship was already pulling back and away from its extremely low orbit into Coruscant's atmosphere.


Kixi had no more answers, she had no way of beating the dark lord, not this time, she would be defeated and both of them knew it. Lowering her lightsabre in defeat it prompted Mako to yell out in a frenzy, "No what are you doing!" Yet Kixi stood there motionless, feeling the menacing presence of Zahl who rose his hands reading himself for the kill. "No, no, no Kixi no!" Mako cried out aloud pointed her X2 Blade in the direction of the Sith lord, knowing too well it would be pointless, knowing that she would be struck down in an instant.

"And now both of you will meet your bitter ends." Darth Zahl proclaimed lifting his arms and hands in the air, unleashing a surge of lightening energy which streaked across towards the helpless and defenceless duo, now destined to meet their doom.

Then without warning, a quick flash of bright light suddenly engulfed the duo and where they had only stood moments earlier, was replaced by nothing more but empty air, once the flash of light had vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

Bamboozled and not knowing what trick the Jedi master had pulled on him this time, Darth Zahl stood there in utter silence as he realised his Sith lightening strikes had hit nothing more but the ground in which the Jedi had been standing on, with the Jedi and her feeble companion now having vanished without a trace.


Flash! With a brilliant white light, both the Jedi captain, Kixi Rajki and her companion and first officer, Mako Jhasmin Zaneca were both safely back on the bridge of the MXS Morihei Ueshiba. The two were warmly greeted by the crew on the bridge. Before resuming her seat in the captain's seat, she embraced her former Jedi Master, the Nautolan George O'Rourke. Moving her head to quietly whisper in the larger man's ear, she whispered the words, "Thank you Master." There was no need to explain what the thank you was for, as it had been clearly evident to the younger female Jedi Master that if it hadn't been for the Nautolan Master in locating them on the thickly populated planet below, there would never have been enough time for her crew to have found them and beam them out in the nick of time, and consequently avoiding the final Sith onslaught of her newly re-acquaintance at the hands of Darth Zahl.

Taking her rightful place in the captain's chair, with Mako resuming her usual position as the first officer to her right, and Jhes stepping down to resume her normal seating position to the left of the captain, Kixi yelled the word's, "C'mon, C'mon," over the roar of the Ueshiba's engines. The ship was beginning to lurch with the constant buffeting flak blasted at it by the fighters, mostly TIE Fighters that were also accompanied by a contingent of Sith Fighters.

"I know, I know, I see it," Ālrai the helmsman shouted. It was taking everything he had to maintain control of the ship.

"See what?" Kixi asked. He didn't need to answer as both George and Braj'tec pointed out the main viewpoint at two very bright objects.

“Two Sith Cruisers, and they're heading right at us.”

“I'm glad you said there was going to be no problem," Kixi commented with more than a touch of sarcasm, "or I'd be worried.”

The ship rocked under the steady fire from the fighters, making it difficult for George and Braj'tec to maintain their balances as they were not strapped into any seats.

“You two, I suggest you strap yourselves into a seat now!" Ālrai shot them a threatening glance. Kixi could already tell what the cunning helmsman was intending, and if she assumed correctly, he had every reason in having told them to strap in and to do so quickly in which they did so without protest. Still struggling with the controls to keep the MXS Morihei Ueshiba on course, the helmsman turned to the ship's engineer. "Arden, how's the deflector shields holding up?”

The engineer fiddled and adjusted several overhead switches and barked back a reply stating they were still holding well at 83% strength.

"Good", said Kixi from the captain's chair observing everything.

"At sublight the fighters, they may be faster, but we can still out manoeuvre them," Ālrai abruptly said, "Hold on!" Suddenly, the smaller and nimbler Sajnen Battleship, smaller and nimbler compared to the approaching and pursuing Sith Cruisers, erratically shifted it's course. The two Sith Cruisers had come almost within firing range of the Ueshiba as they loomed ahead. The pursuing fighters and the other Sith Cruiser were also dangerously close. Ālrai felt he had no choice but to take the Ueshiba into a ninety-degree dive. Kixi, Mako, Jhes and very much everybody on the bridge felt their stomachs leap into their throats as the Ueshiba executed its steep dive. Luckily everyone had been security strapped into their seats, well at least everybody on the ship's bridge. Ālrai realised that his crew might think he was some kind of lunatic star jockey, pushing his captain's ship on this madman's course. But he had a strategy in mind. With the Ueshiba no longer between them, the two Sith Cruisers were now on a direct collision course with the one that had been chasing them. All he had to do was sit back and watch.

Alarms blared through the interiors of all three Sith Cruisers. Those ponderously massive ships could not respond quickly enough to such emergencies. Sluggishly one of the Cruisers began to move to the left in its effort to avoid a collision with the sole cruiser moving towards it that had originally had been in pursuit of the Ueshiba. Unfortunately, as it veered, it brushed its companion ship, violently shaking up both spaceborne fortresses. The damaged Cruisers began to drift through space, while the one that had been chasing the Ueshiba continued in pursuit of the MXS Morihei Ueshiba and its obviously insane helmsman.

"That slowed them down a bit!" Ālrai exulted.

Two down, Kixi thought. There was still a quartet of fighters tailing the Ueshiba, blasting at its stern with full laser fire. However slowly, slowly, the TIE Fighters just like their Sith Fighter counterparts vanished into balls of fire from the firing railgun cannons of the fleeing Ueshiba. The ship was suddenly buffeted violently again, this time by the laser blasts of the same Sith Cruiser that had originally began the chase, forcing Kixi and her crew to hold on in a desperate attempt to keep their seats.

"Captain, that pursuing Cruiser's shields are down. We could—", Arden's words were cut off by that of his captain who already anticipated what he had been about to say.

"Agreed, signal the armoury to arm one of the nukes now, and have the people in the transporter room ready the transport beam. With that cruiser's shields down, we can beam a nuke on the inside and blow it up. They won't even know what hit them." Kixi frantically yelled out barking her orders.

The Sith Cruiser got ever so closer, it's lasers plummeting the stern of the Ueshiba. It's reinforced shielding doing an excellent job for the moment, however for the ten seconds it had taken them to lower their own shields in order to use the transporter to beam the Nuke onboard the Sith Cruiser, they did sustain a considerable amount of damage. Although the crew did momentarily find some relief as the pursing Sith Cruiser suddenly exploded into a ball of fire, metal rupturing from the inside as the exploding nuke from its inner bowls sent debris streaking across in all directions in space.

“Shields are back up captain, but we sustained some damage to our far left sublight engines as well as some breaches in several compartments which have now been contained." Arden Callis reported. "I suggest we make the jump to hyperspace now.”

“Agreed Colonel. Stand by to make the jump to hyperspace. Set course for the Voss System now.”

The colonel quickly and frantically began entering a set of coordinates into the ship's navigational computer.

“Jump when ready Colonel!”

There was not a moment to waste, the laser attack was intense now, and more pursuing fighters were almost on top of them. Even though the fighter ships were considerably smaller than the Sajnen Battleship, in swarms of high numbers, they were making an impact on the slowly failing Ueshiba's shields.

"They're very close," the captain warned, finally recomposing herself somewhat.

Arden looked at her with a wicked glint in his eyes. "Oh, yeah? Watch this." He threw the hyperspace throttle controls forward, desperate to have them all escape, but also eager to impress his captain with both his own cleverness and the ship's fantastic power. Nothing happened! The stars that should by then have been mere blurs of light were still. Something was definitely wrong.

"Watch what?" Kixi asked impatiently.
Instead of responding, Arden worked the hyperspace controls a second time. Again, nothing. "I think we're in trouble captain," he muttered. His throat tightened. He knew just like everyone else on the bridge that "trouble" was a gross understatement.

"Our sensors are picking up a huge gravity well from that......." The engineer finally able to mutter the words out before being interrupted by his captain.

“Yes I see it. The Eclipse Super Star Destroyer Master O'Rourke pointed out earlier on.”

"May I add captain, with it there, it's impossible to jump to hyperspace. We'll be doomed with no escape." Braj'tec pointed out the obvious.

“Captain there has to be another way!" Jhes yelled out, then looked back at the engineer. "Arden is there a way to disrupt the gravity well being generated from that ship?”

“Possibly, but—”

“I know how," Kixi once again abruptly cut the engineer off. "Detonate a nuclear explosion close to where that ship is generating that anomaly.”

"But captain, I mean I assume you will beam the nuke into space close to that Eclipse, but we still need to get close to it." The engineer said warningly.

“I understand the risk Colonel but right now we have little or no choice, Ālrai set course straight for that Super Star Destroyer, Braj'tec signal the armoury and transport room to ready the nuke.”

“Affirmative captain.”

“Jedi Master Rajki," Kixi's former master, Master George O'Rourke calmly got up from his seat, "May I add, if that Eclipse fires its super laser at us, we stand immediate obliteration.”

“I know Master, but they will not fire it as they are aware of our Jedi presence and wound rather catch us alive. Darth Zahl on the planet's surface would have personally seen to that.”

“Yes but then we have another problem, we get to close, and they'll catch us in their tractor-beam, just what this Darth Zahl would want.”

Suddenly a thud, but it wasn't from the laser fire of the pursing fighters.

“Too late! They have us on their tractor-beam Captain!”

The ship suddenly began to veer towards the far larger Super Star Destroyer, violently shaking, as its engines fought futilely and desperately in the opposite direction against its pull.

“The barge of laser fire hitting us has ceased Captain, given we're in the clutches of their tractor-beam, the fighters have all backed away now." Arden pointed out the obvious before getting to the next point he wanted to make. "It will allow us to drop our shields and beam out the nukes.”

“The nukes? Kixi confused for only a glimmer of a second then immediately clicked. "Why yes indeed, one nuke to disrupt their tracker beam, the other the gravity well. Braj'tec please inform the—”

"Already on it Captain." The older man cut in raising a hand towards his captain, indicating that he already had it all under control.


On the bridge of the massive Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer, The Obliterator, Admiral Zennon watched on as the Ueshiba was slowly being pulled towards it. His own tactical officer approached him.

“We will have them shortly sir. A heavy contingent of stormtroopers are standing by in hangar bay 9.”

“Good, has Darth Zahl been informed of their impending capture?”

“Yes sir he has, the Sith Lord is already on his way back up to see to it personally that the two Jedi onboard that ship are captured and the crew and that ship seized.”

“Very good Lieutenant. Dismissed.”

As the tactical officer left to return to his post, the admiral continued to stare outside of the viewpoint of his ship's bridge at the looming incoming Sajnen Battleship. He had never seen such a ship before, nor the weapons he had witnessed it boast, causing a path of destruction in its wake as it desperately had tried to escape. Soon he would seize the ship, revealing all its technological wonders. Darth Zahl would indeed be satisfied he mused to himself. Then suddenly from total calmness, alarm bells rang as the entire bridge was put on red alert.

"What's going Commander?" The admiral asked demandingly to his most senior engineer sitting at his terminal at a level about a metre lower to where the admiral was standing.

“Not sure, this is most unusual. We are picking up some rather bizarre fluctuations in the space outside surrounding both the tractor-beam and gravity well generators. And it's coming from that alien ship we're trying to tow in.”

Then before the admiral could even respond, two extremely bright pinpoints of light could be seen moving at two key positions near The Obliterator. With the sudden flash or the beam disappearing, two objects which had not been there before were detected.

“Admiral! What looks like two powerful weapons of considerable destructive power have just materialised next to our tractor-beam and gravity well reactors!”

"What the in the name? How did they? Have those weapons destroyed at once before—" But it was all too late. Both nuclear devices detonated almost simultaneously, causing The Obliterator to violently shake and buck sideways. It rocked the admiral off his feet as well as many others of its crew. The blast of the two nuclear blasts sent shock waves in all directions, and although it had caused minimal damage to the 17 kilometre long Super Star Destroyer, it was more than enough to disrupt both its tractor-beam and gravity well generator for just enough time for the MXS Morihei Ueshiba to break out of its tug, and have the admiral whiteness a daring escape in which he was most certain that Darth Zahl would indeed not be most pleased about.


The resulting explosions and shockwaves from the simultaneous nuclear detonations, ripped trough the fabric of space around it and towards the Ueshiba. Free from The Obliterator's tractor-beam at last, with an erratic thud that shook everyone in it to one side, Ālrai banked the MXS Morihei Ueshiba away from the massive Star Destroyer that it had been looming towards. Then not even seconds later, with the hyperspace disturbing gravity wells of the Eclipse Class ships momentarily offline, lights flashed brightly within the many complex consoles on the Ueshiba's bridge. Suddenly, from deep within the Ueshiba's hyper-speed engines, a new and powerful hum resonated throughout the ship. The battleship tilted suddenly, sending the warrior General Braj'tec Qarr falling backwards and across the floor and into one of the fixed chairs at the rear of the bridge area. As for Kixi, her crew and Master Jedi O'Rourke who were already fastened to their seats, all fell back into their seats, as they saw the stars outside become blinding, infinite streaks of light. "We did it!" Kixi yelled triumphantly, as a hyperspace entry formed in front of the ship, and the MXS Morihei Ueshiba then shot victoriously into hyperspace.

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