Reunion Part 1 - Entrapment

While stumbling upon a shady source, rumour had it that Jedi Master Kixi Rajki's younger sister Imogen had survived an attack on her family and home world many years ago. Desperate to find the location of her younger sibling, Kixi, along with her long time lover and partner Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, make the impetuous decision to journey to the perilous Sith controlled world of Coruscant. Totally oblivious that awaiting them is a trap, the duo encounter a young Sith warrior who will stop at nothing to eliminate them. Soon after, in an unforeseen turn of events, the duo fleeing for their lives encounter another Sith Warrior from a long past thought to have been erased from the memories of time, adding further complications to the already confounded situation in which Kixi unwittingly is a pawn in a game that is far bigger than both Kixi, Mako and their Sith antagonists can even ever begin to imagine.


7. Chapter 4


Chapter 4


The Zabrak simply stared at her prey, determined to not allow her prey to escape for a second time.

"Mako, signal the Ueshiba to jump in now!" Kixi began frantically yelling at her companion. "It will take them several minutes, not enough to avoid this fight, however I sense other Sith closing in our position. You know what to do Mako." By the time Kixi had already finished, Mako had already tapped in a series of coordinates on one of her wrist gadgets that contained a series of devices including a comms unit.

"Your friends will not be able to save you Jedi scumbag, your time is now up. Now fight and prepare to meet your fate! Your eternal reward awaits you both!" Darth Ayla finally angrily declared removing her hood.

Kixi Rajki and Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, spouse of Rajki now Zaneca Rajki by the right of marriage, stood alone in the Sith Warrior's path. Together they ignited their weapons, Kixi her lightsabre, Mako her X2 Blade.

“Jedi, your pathetic companion in which you treat as if she were more than your equal will die a quicker death than you. You will watch her suffer before you join her in death!”

"You underestimate her, that will be your undoing." Kixi replied keeping her calm.

“I already sense the fear in her, your overconfidence in her abilities has lead you here, and to both your bitter ends!”

Then to both the duo's surprise, their Sith antagonist lifted the long handled lightsabre she bore as if offering it for inspection. Gleaming blade fire jutted from both ends of the handle, revealing a deadly, dual-blade weapon. A smile crossed the female bearer's feral face as she swung the weapon before her in an idle, casual gesture, beckoning the Jedi ahead.

"Oh I see now Darth Ayla, you now decide to reveal your dual-bladed weapon. Why not before and now? Oh I know why, you now have two of us to fight against. Clearly you see my companion as a formidable threat." Kixi smiled coldly at the Zabrak answering her own question before she could even reply. Yet the time for words was clearly up as the Zabrak didn't even bother to respond.

Unlike the prior duel, spreading out to either side, Kixi and Mako slowly advanced to meet her together.

Kixi Rajki probably wasn't well known throughout the galaxy, yet she considered herself, as did the others who were acquainted with her as an elite and adapt swordswoman. At least in the Jedi order she belonged to, the Silver Sanctum. The Jedi Master she had trained under, Master George O'Rourke, had considered her one of the best the master had taught in his time as a senior Jedi in the order. Kixi had fought in conflicts not only all across the galaxy, but in the galaxy of her own origin some trillions of light years away. In the considerably small span of her life, and against odds so great that many others would not have stood a chance, the Jedi now in her mid 30s had survived battles that had tested her skill and resolve in every conceivable way. But on this day, she had met her match, and by an adversary who was at least ten years her junior.

The Sith warrior she battled with, Mako was more than her equal in weapons training, yet without the Force, even with all her fancy gizmos and technology, she would have stood no chance had she had been forced to fight this Sith alone. Kixi on the other hand was in her mid thirties, now a complete Jedi, long past were the days more than a decade ago when she had sought refuge in the Jedi Sanctum, then a very young woman in shatters who had still been fresh to the galaxy. Her edge now, to the extent that she had one, came from her long experience and intuitive grasp of how an adversary might employ a lightsabre against her. Mako who was relatively new in one on one armed combat, recently trained by both Kixi and her longtime companion and one time protector Braj'tec Qarr, brought youth and stamina to the combat. However she had fought in only a few contests, lacked the Force thus making her tech reliant, and was not battle hardened. Together, they were able to hold their own against the Sith warrior, but their efforts at attack, at assuming the offensive against this already proven dangerous adversary, were still woefully inadequate. Darth Ayla was a warrior in her prime, never to be any better, her powers at their apex. In addition, she was driven by her messianic hatred for and disdain of the Jedi Knights, the enemies of the Sith for millennia. She had worked and trained all her life for this moment, for a chance to meet a Jedi Knight in combat. It was an added bonus that she was able to do this twice in the same night, and for the second time engaging two opponents even if the newcomer was not a Jedi or Force sensitive warrior. She had no fear for herself, no doubt that she would win. She was focused in a way that Kixi recognised at once a Jedi's focus, mindful of the present, locked in on what was needed in the here and now. Kixi saw it in her mad eyes and in the set of her red and black tattooed features. The Sith Warrior was a living example of what the Jedi Master was always telling younger Jedi about how best to hear the will of the Force.

The three combatants fought their way across the street, lightsabres flashing, bringing to bear every skill they had acquired over the years. Kixi and Mako tried continually to press the attack, and indeed, the Sith warrior was moving away from the wide open street and back toward a wall of one of the many nearby buildings. But Kixi recognised that while it might seem as if both Mako and her were driving her before them, it was the Sith warrior who was controlling the struggle. Wheeling and spinning, leaping and somersaulting with astonishing ease, their enemy was taking them with her, drawing them on to a place of her own choosing. Her agility and dexterity allowed her to keep them both at bay, constantly attacking while at the same time effectively blunting their counterattacks, relentlessly searching for an opening in their defence. Kixi pressed hard in the beginning, sensing how dangerous this Zabrak woman really was, wanting to put an end to the combat quickly. Hair flying out behind her, she attacked with ferocity and determination. Mako came with her, following her lead. They had fought together before, and they knew each other's moves. Kixi had trained Mako as a Züncålazin, an elite class of both Force and non Force sensitive warriors from their home worlds in the Sajnen Confederate which now was all but a distant memory, and while the slightly younger woman would never become her equal, she believed that one day Mako could still become a formidable warrior and a force to be reckoned with. So they challenged the Sith warrior quickly, and just as quickly discovered that their best efforts were not good enough to achieve an early resolution. They settled into a pattern then, working as a team against their enemy, waiting for an opening. But the Sith warrior was too smart to give them one, and so the battle had gone on.

They fought their way out of the main street through to an open large circular landing platform. The area was large enough to accommodate at least five average size freighters and presently was totally empty, laying the perfect ground for their intense battle to continue uninterrupted. One of two narrower five metre wide catwalks led onto the platforms where other catwalks and gangways crisscrossed sections of the large platform that actually had comprised of several smaller platforms that were lined up close together. Around the platform was an open area where the drop below was hundreds of metres below where the lower traffic of Coruscant zoomed by busily reminiscent to the higher levels above them. Surrounded by the tall structures and monads that stretched out far into the night's sky, the lit up urban beauty of the one huge planetary city would provide the backdrop of the final show down between the combatting trio.

The Jedi, her warrior companion and the Sith warrior battled onto one of the catwalks suspended high above, and the metal frame rang with the thudding of their boots and the clash of their lightsabres. Alone now, and away from all the horrified civilians they had left in the wake of their initial part of the battle in the street, they intensified their struggle. The Sith warrior leapt from the platform on which they fought, back flipped to land on one of the other catwalks that led to the next platform, a strange face shining with the heat of the battle and her own peculiar joy. Kixi and Mako followed, one coming up in front of her, one behind, so that they had her pinned between them. Down the length of the catwalk they fought, lightsabres flashing, sparks flying from the metal railing of the walk as they smashed against it. Then Darth Ayla caught Mako off balance and with a powerful kick knocked the Züncålazin completely over the railing. Taking advantage of the Sith warrior's assault on Mako, Kixi forced Darth Ayla over the railing as well. Down the Zabrak tumbled, landing hard on a catwalk several levels below Mako. Below there were a series of more platforms with intertwining catwalks, some currently with ship's occupying the space. The force of the fall or perhaps the unexpectedness of it left the Zabrak visibly stunned, and Kixi leapt down after her, sensing a chance to put an end to things. But the Sith warrior struggled back to her feet quickly and raced away, taking the battle in a new direction. By the time Mako had recovered, Kixi was in pursuit of Darth Ayla, following her down the catwalk toward a small unoccupied ship at the far end of the lower platform. The Jedi Master went swiftly, legs and arms pumping, lightsabre flashing. She was worn and battered by now, close to exhaustion, but the Sith warrior was on the defensive at last, and she did not want to give her a chance to regroup. "Kixi!" Mako called after her, trying to catch up, but the Jedi master did not slow. One after the other, the three antagonists passed through the smaller catwalk into the secluded platform beyond. They were moving quickly in their frenzied chase and were into the isolated platform before they realised that now the three of them would be trapped into a much smaller confined space. It would be here where the battle would finally be decided.

Kixi Rajki and Darth Ayla battled on the narrow ledge that dropped hundreds of metres to the lower levels of Coruscant. Kixi had used up much of her reserves whilst containing the massive blast that Mako had set up earlier in this never ending battle, one that to the despair of the fighting duo had seen the Sith survive. Now Kixi had found a fresh reserve of strength during the fierce speeder chase in which she had been very much a passenger in, and now she was attacking with a ferocity that seemed to have the Sith warrior stymied. With quick, hard strokes of her lightsabre, she bored into her adversary, deliberately engaging in close quarters combat, refusing to let the other bring her double bladed weapon to bear. She drove Darth Ayla backward about the rim of the overhang, keeping the Sith warrior constantly on the defensive, pressing in on her steadily. Kixi Rajki was after all a Jedi master, and in that she was still powerful. Darth Ayla's ragged face took on a frenzied look, and the glitter of her strange eyes brightened with uncertainty.

Then Darth Ayla back-flipped across from the edge of the ledge, giving herself some space in which to recover, gaining just enough time to assume a new battle stance. Kixi was on her in an instant, covering the distance separating them in a rush, hammering into the Sith warrior anew. But she was beginning to weary now from having doubling her efforts, carrying the battle alone. The narrow catwalk that lead to the edge on the dead end had meant that there had been room for just one fighter to tackle the Sith warrior. Therefore Mako had virtually taken a spectator role in this battle. Her strokes were not so vigorous as before her face bathed with sweat and taut with fatigue. Slowly, Darth Ayla began to edge her way back into the fight, becoming the aggressor once more. Stroke for stroke, Kixi and Darth Ayla battled about the narrow catwalk, locked in a combat that seemed endless and forever and could be won by neither.

Then the Sith warrior parried a downstroke, whirled swiftly to the right, and with her back to the Jedi Master, made a blind, reverse lunge. Too late, Kixi recognised the danger. The blade of the Sith warrior's lightsabre caught her directly in the upper shoulder section, its brilliant length burning through clothing and flesh and bone. Although it did miss all vital organs, it had instantly immobilised the Jedi master, who as a result staggered backwards. Her eyes widen as if she had been suddenly shocked, no longer being able to effectively fence off such a powerful adversary with her other single hand that was still holding her lightsabre, the Jedi master watched on in horror as Darth Ayla came in for the final blow. Dropping onto her knees and raising her blade above her head in what would have been a futile attempt to protect herself from the enraged Sith warrior, Kixi then felt part of the sonic blast that virtually knocked the Sith warrior slightly off balance causing her to then stagger back. Despite the powerful kinetic pulse fired at the Zabrak from Mako's Kinetic Hand device gloved to her hand and upper arm only distracting the Sith by a mere few seconds, it was enough for the Jedi master to jump back onto her feet, lunge forward at her and drive her blade straight through the Sith warrior directly in her midsection. Its brilliant length burning through the Zabrak's armour and then flesh and bone. Darth Ayla made no sound as the blade entered her, stiffening with the impact, then taking a small step back as it was withdrawn. She stood motionless for an instant, fighting against the shock of the killing blow. Then her eyes clouded, her arms lowered, and a great weariness settled over her proud features. She dropped to her knees, and her lightsabre clattered to the durasteel floor. Kixi in turn also staggered back again due to the injury on her other shoulder. Knowing the Sith warrior could no longer harm her, she dropped to her knees once more, turning off her lightsabre which fizzled off as the Jedi master then slumped down to the side and onto the ground.

Abandoning any pretence of observing even the slightest caution, Mako turned off the shield that surrounded her X2 Blade weapon exposing its sharp exotic blade that had been folded hundreds of times over to the downed Sith warrior. Calming herself, stilling the trembling of her heart, and banishing her anger and fear, Mako called upon the last of her reserves. With clarity of purpose and strength of heart, she launched herself in the air, summersaulting over the motionless Jedi master between them, and towards the now powerless Sith warrior. She completed her move by somersaulting behind the Sith warrior in a single smooth, powerful motion. Darth Ayla had somehow still managed to whirl on her knees to confront Mako, but to no avail, as shock and rage twisted her red and black face. Before she could act to try and takeout the cunning Züncålazin with her, Mako's sword slashed through her chest, penetrating her with killing fire. The stricken Sith warrior howled in pain and disbelief. Mako's sword went through to the side of the Zabrak's body, cutting through her rib cage, driving the sword through it and out through the other side. Pulling the sword out of her completely, she then aimed her Kinetic Hand gloved weapon at her once more, and with one quick burst of energy watched her dying enemy tumble away into the levels far below.

Retracing the blade of he X2 sword back into its hilt, Mako immediately ran over to the fallen Jedi. Turning her around and lifting her head up as she wrapped her into her body.

“Kixi noooo, wake up, wake up. Kixi you can't—”

The Jedi master slowly opened her eyes as she slowly began to come about. Everything seemed a blur for just that fraction of a second. Hardly recognising Mako's features, she knew by her sweet warm touch alone that it was her, and that Darth Ayla had been defeated as she could no longer be sensed through the Force. However danger was lurking nearby, the Jedi master could sense it. More Sith zeroing in on them.

“I'm okay Mako, I'm okay. Her strike hit my upper left shoulder, no vitals were hit.”

Mako then immediately inspected Kixi's shoulder only to find virtually no trace of the wound. Well almost.

“But Kixi, I see nothing?" Mako asked, a dumbfounded look evident across her facial features as she stared her sweet love in the eyes.”

Kixi giggled a little trying not to cough. "Remember how I was so persistent all those years ago that I learn how to use the Force to heal myself and others? Well Master Maya Carrick taught me ever so well. I managed to heal myself, well internally at least while I was laying here on the ground. Knowing that Ayla was defeated and having my trust in you that you would finish her off" Kixi smiled softly at the slightly younger woman, her wife, who in turn smiled back at her.

Mako slowly knelt down to get in closer to the Jedi, her hand that was holding her head dug into her hair, playing with the back of Kixi's skull, soothingly massaging her head. She took hold of Kixi's hand with the other and slowly fondled with it as she slowly kissed her on the lips. "Thank the Force we survived that Kixi."

Pulling back and alarming Mako, Kixi slowly motioned for Mako to help her on her feet which she unhesitatingly did. "I would love to kiss and touch you forever Mako, but there are more of them coming. We need to get as faraway from here as possible, and now! You did contact the Ueshiba earlier on yes?" Kixi's face suddenly changing from one of calmness to one of dire concern.

"Yes Kixi I did." Mako promptly replied affirmatively.

“Good, let's get out in the open where they'll have a better chance of scanning for us from wherever they will be or are in orbit. C'mon let's hurry.”

Mako quickly picked up the fallen Sith warrior's lightsabre from the ground, clipping it onto her belt. "Might as well keep it as a souvenir." Mako said jokingly as they quickly made their way back to one of the larger open platforms, however it was too late.

Just then a tall Sith Lord appeared, accompanied by several other Sith who were undoubtedly of a lower class than him who served him, Inquisitors, however in a group would easily prove to be more than a match against the ailing Jedi master and her warrior companion. The Sith Lord stared down at Kixi, his dark eyes of hatred towards her had some familiarity to her. Yet she couldn't recall it, but knowingly she knew, she had encountered him before. Mako flinched a little at his unravelling presence. Then the telepathic message from her companion that suggested she too had encountered him once before. Indeed very ravelling it appeared to be as this to Kixi's knowledge had been the first time her beloved companion had fought, let alone encountered a Sith directly. The Sith Lord flanked by his half a dozen inquisitors continued to stare down upon the duo, lightsabres at the ready. Soon the mystery surrounding the Jedi master in relation to the dark lord would be revealed.

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