Reunion Part 1 - Entrapment

While stumbling upon a shady source, rumour had it that Jedi Master Kixi Rajki's younger sister Imogen had survived an attack on her family and home world many years ago. Desperate to find the location of her younger sibling, Kixi, along with her long time lover and partner Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, make the impetuous decision to journey to the perilous Sith controlled world of Coruscant. Totally oblivious that awaiting them is a trap, the duo encounter a young Sith warrior who will stop at nothing to eliminate them. Soon after, in an unforeseen turn of events, the duo fleeing for their lives encounter another Sith Warrior from a long past thought to have been erased from the memories of time, adding further complications to the already confounded situation in which Kixi unwittingly is a pawn in a game that is far bigger than both Kixi, Mako and their Sith antagonists can even ever begin to imagine.


6. Chapter 3


Chapter 3


From there they moved into the shadows and alleys, keeping low, watching carefully. Darth Ayla was definitely on to them and gaining ground fast. Kixi could feel her presence get ever stronger.

“Mako, Darth Ayla will be onto us again within a minute, we need a transport and we need it now!”

“Darth Ayla, that's her name, how do you know it?”

“Because she told me just before you made the place go kaboom.”

"Oh did I spoil your conversation." Mako added in sarcastically.

“Now's not the time for sarcasm, we need a speeder or something now!”

They ran into an open street, it was busy and bustling with villainous scum of all sorts.

"That Rodian over there, he's about to get into that two seater." Mako pointed out as they instinctively sprinted towards him. Both Kixi and Mako were in serious danger. Not only being chased and hunted down by a Sith warrior, but the sheer fact that they were on a Sith controlled world. Unfortunately Kixi had no time for diplomacy, forced into committing an un-Jedi like act. Reaching the speeder, Kixi grabbed the Rodian who had only just gotten into his speeder, tightly cupping her hand around the back of his neck before changing her grip into a tight hold. Even by the time the green alien creature could groan in protest, Kixi had lifted him off his seat and flung him across the opposite site of the street, and to the shocking surprise of all the bystanders. Getting a look of rage from a few who had been thinking of coming to the Rodian's aid, they soon thought the better of it when they saw the Jedi's lightsabre dangling from her belt.

“Sorry I had to resort to that, but desperate times call for desperate measures Mako. Now get in and drive as I need to recuperate my energies.”

Not protesting and obviously understanding of the predicament they were in, Mako jumped into the driver's seat with Kixi in the passenger seat beside her. Not wasting anytime, she shot up into the air. First ascending many levels up to leave level 1313, then erratically merging into the busy Coruscant air traffic, with little or no regard for the safety of everyone else. And there was a damn good reason for it. Darth Ayla had managed to obtain a speeder bike of her own and was already hot on their tail.

Roaring away from the chasing Sith, Mako already having merged in with the busy Coruscant traffic, began her erratic drive weaving in and out of traffic, narrowly missing several vehicles in her desperate attempt to flee from Darth Ayla, who was now ever so determined to catch the running duo.

“Careful! Hey, easy! We didn't escape that explosion just to die here," Kixi said out dryly.

"When it comes to piloting and vehicular warfare, I can rival any Force user such as that Sith bitch chasing us any day without the aid of the Force". Mako began boasting about herself as she cut a series of evasive turns.
“I don't dispute that, my one and only sweetheart,” Kixi's voice raised a notch, undoubtedly very concerned as she spoke back at the cocky woman behind the wheel, who at the same time took the speeder down suddenly to avoid some laser bolts from the pursuing Darth Ayla behind them. “She's closing in fast,” Kixi then urgently pointed out given it seemed that Mako had simply ignored her companion's concerns. And who could blame her, it's not like Mako really had a choice given the predicament they currently found themselves in.

Needing little or no encouragement to fly recklessly, the Jedi passenger nearly caught her own throat, along with her stomach, as Mako cut hard to the right, then dropped suddenly, punched the throttle, pulled back to the left, and lifted the nose, zipping the speeder up through the traffic lane and back in sightly behind another vehicle, only to see volleys of laser bolts coming at them. Mako then kinked them a little to the right causing those same laser bolts to hit the vehicle that they had zipped up directly behind. “What you’re doing is absolutely suicidal! If you don't end up killing us first, you'll cause the death of someone else!” Kixi emphasised her point as that same vehicle in front of them spun out of control and began to fall ground-wards.

"Don't worry, their auxiliary safety systems will land them safely somewhere." Mako quickly ensured the Jedi, as more laser fire came at them. Mako then dived to the side, and the duo opened their eyes and their mouths wide, as their screams were drowned out by another larger vehicle, a transport truck crossing directly in front of them. Somehow, miraculously, Mako managed to avoid the truck by dropping the nose of their vehicle down a fraction at the last second, and then coming out the other side. Another vehicle in which Mako had cut off, an unfortunate innocent victim that had been close to the fleeing duo was not as fortunate however, as it collided with the truck,causing an explosion that resulted in carnage ricocheting in all directions. Kixi turned her head to look over to Mako, to see her assuming a casual and in-control posture.

“Don't worry Kixi, I’m very good at this.” Mako said with a sly grin. It was blatantly clear that slowing down was not an option, as it was both Mako and Kixi that were trying to escape from the ever determined Zabrak. Next Mako took the speeder in at high speed towards and into a line of giant trucks. Around and around they went, cutting fast corners through the traffic, over the traffic, under the traffic, and around the buildings. The Zabrak pursuer clearly began to struggle, but somehow still managed to continue keeping them in sight. Mako then took their speeder right up on edge, skimming the side of one of the many nearby buildings. Their speeder continued to race through the busy skylanes, weaving in and out of traffic with Mako in control and so very sure of herself. The sounds of distress faded quickly into nothingness as for a moment they rapidly moved on, leaving the pursuer behind them, uncaring of the chaos and disgruntled beings that they were leaving in their wake. Their speeder itself had been heavily damaged along its left side, the paint chipped away and metal dented, however, the damage that was wrought upon it wasn't impacting the ability of the speed to function. This was immediately proven when Mako had to rapidly dive to avoid a collision, then immediately following that action with a sharp right, she almost caused another vehicle to spin out of control. However despite all that effort, it unfortunately appeared that the persistent female Zabrak was once again hot on their heels.

“Seems hard to lose this prick!,” Mako stated the obvious. “But she’s getting desperate to catch us.”

“Oh just great, I really hate stubborn arseholes who refuse to give the fuck up.” Kixi answered dryly. And then Kixi soon realised, that her assumption that they only had the one Sith pursuer hot on their heels was very premature. Behind and close to the side of them, and clearly pursuing them appeared two swoops. And unmistakably, their riders were more HK droids.

"Fuck! Look Mako, if I'm seeing correctly behind us, it isn't looking too promising. We got two HK droids on swoops incoming right behind us." Despite the seriousness of the matter, the Jedi master seemed calm as she had made her remark, that of course had been up until the two droids on the swoops began opening fire on them. Mako was however quick to improvise as she dived them right into a train tunnel, zoomed right in, and then zoomed right back out. The three pursuers however didn't hesitate to follow though. "Clearly that didn't work as
they're still behind us!"

Unconvincingly Mako immediately answered. “Don’t worry. If I keep this up, they're gonna kill themselves any minute now.” Yet it wasn't long before they began shooting at them again. This time what Mako would do, would prove the fact that it was clearly them that were desperate to get away, as she zoomed them right into traffic, and soared the wrong way down a congested lane. The pursuers went in right behind them without hesitation. They all zigged and zagged wildly, frantically, the occasional laser bolt being fired at the duo. Then suddenly, Mako cut fast, straight up and into a tight loop that brought them behind their pursuers. She in the process hit one of the swoops with the HK droids on it causing it to spiral out of control in a downward direction.

Then a crimson blade rammed it's way through the side door of the fleeing speeder. Not that it was obviously a good thing, but despite it almost hitting Kixi, thankfully it happened on her side of the speeder rather than on the side Mako the driver was on. The other HK droid, clearly having being taught some lightsabre combat by its Sith master, was trying to cut the door to the speeder with a lightsabre while at the same time chase the duo. A daring move no doubt. The duo's speeder continued to swivel in every which way as they were still trying to dodge traffic and ditch the droid, who was pushing the blade into the speeder's cabin. Yet it was all to no avail. Somehow the door managed to remain intact as the window above it cracked with glass shattering in every which way. The HK's red eyes lit up as it spoke. "Surrender now! Your attempt to escape from the Sith is futile!" It shouted in a distorted voice. The droid using its lightsabre had it tethered to the speeder, and then used it to lean over it and down the swoop which was moving along side the speeder, and then tried to reach inside and over to where the Jedi was seated. With its hand it made a cunning attempt to grab the Jedi master, however she quickly managed to dispose of the cocky droid by blasting it with one of Mako's heavy assault rifles that she had left in the small bit of space the speeder had behind the two front seats. Shrapnel from the droid ended up all over the place, as the droid's body flew backwards and out to fall down hundreds of metres towards its doom.

"Go sucker that, arsehole!" Kixi yelled out in triumph.

“Great move,” Mako congratulated. “And now for that slut of a Zabrak Sith bitch's swoop beside us, I got this one,” Mako said as she slammed on the brakes, reversing thrust, then lurching as the speeder dropped suddenly. “The bitch can’t shoot us down here,” Mako congratulated herself, but her smile lasted only the split second it took for Darth Ayla to register Mako's new tactic. She quickly replicated Mako's move and was right behind them again. Mako then swerved out of the lower traffic lane she had just dropped them into, and shot straight for a building, coming in at an angle to just skim the rooftop and then banking left, right, left, as more bolts crackled all around them. Right, left, right again, up and over, down and around, and somehow, incredibly, out the other side.

“Oh, that was good Mako,” Kixi admitted. "Perhaps you are an equal match to a Force user without having to use the Force when it comes down to it in terms of piloting."

Nodding in acknowledgement, at that point, both Kixi and Mako then decided it would be best to just keep quiet as given the intensity of the chase, Mako didn't really need any extra distractions from her Jedi companion.

Eventually though, the inevitable would happen. Mako's cockiness got the better of her, as they raced through the smaller sky streets, weaving in and out of traffic. Turning, twisting, shifting, clutching and gripping. Then a barrage of laser bolts rained down around them causing them to fish-tail into open traffic. Immediately following that was a smash and a light impact into one of the other vehicles around then, as the side windows spider-glassed on impact. Mako then dived into a lower lane as their engines failed for a splinter of a second causing their speeder to go in for a hard bank to the left. Yet it was pointless, the sole pursuing Zabrak loomed directly behind them and readied her guns in for the kill. Their engines were failing, they were sitting ducks.

Suddenly just as Kixi thought it would be lights out and over, Mako turned off the engines completely, causing the speeder to simply just drop suddenly, just as a barrage of laser fire from the attacking swoop hit the rear of their swoop causing an immense impact. A huge explosion rocked them back and forth. The shock wave from the sudden explosion violently threw them all back into their seats. Some of the debris from the carnage did hit the occupants inside the fleeing speeder which now seemed like it would be heading for its doom below. They had sustained some serious damage as the speeder careened out of control, and Mako fell back over the controls, desperately but futilely. They dived and spun, sidelong and head over. Screaming, they all hung on for dear life as they spiralled toward the street on the ground below. Finally, by successfully turning one of the speeder's heavily damaged engines back on, at the last possible moment, Mako gained some control, enough to turn the impending crash into a spark throwing skid along the road surface below them. The speeder bounced up on edge and then slammed to a halt. Their vehicle then lay half into a street stall that they had crashed into. The duo were quick to get out of their crashed vehicle. After all that, Mako had managed to get them back on the ground unscathed, although in the heat of all the action, she did hit some other vehicles that had been stationary on the ground, poles, street stalls and other objects, but thankfully she hadn't collected any people along the way. In fact they all had seen the speeder coming in hard for an emergency landing, and very much were able to take evasive action and get out of the way on time, just as the falling speeder touched the what had been only moments ago a busy side road in the many busy districts of the higher levels of Coruscant.

The people on the ground were clearly freaked out at what they had just witnessed happening. Although speeders were everywhere in the skies of Coruscant, it was extremely uncommon for one to simply just crash land anywhere. Unless one were shot down from the skies like the fleeing duo had been, then that was another matter entirely. Bystanders and what looked like could become an angry mob of mostly locals, didn't appear very welcoming to their sudden explosive and violent arrival. Although they were not of any immediate concern to both the Jedi master and Mako. Instead, as expected, the Sith Zabrak who had been pursing them, swooped down on them, jumping off her swoop flinging herself in the air towards them, lightsabre already ignited and at the ready, landing only metres beside them. The final showdown between her and the duo KnM Blade would now truly be on.

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