Reunion Part 1 - Entrapment

While stumbling upon a shady source, rumour had it that Jedi Master Kixi Rajki's younger sister Imogen had survived an attack on her family and home world many years ago. Desperate to find the location of her younger sibling, Kixi, along with her long time lover and partner Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, make the impetuous decision to journey to the perilous Sith controlled world of Coruscant. Totally oblivious that awaiting them is a trap, the duo encounter a young Sith warrior who will stop at nothing to eliminate them. Soon after, in an unforeseen turn of events, the duo fleeing for their lives encounter another Sith Warrior from a long past thought to have been erased from the memories of time, adding further complications to the already confounded situation in which Kixi unwittingly is a pawn in a game that is far bigger than both Kixi, Mako and their Sith antagonists can even ever begin to imagine.


5. Chapter 2


Chapter 2


High above on the ledge of a nearby tower, Mako peered down her 20x scope and took aim at the figure fast moving towards her Jedi companion far below. The womanly figure armed with nothing more than a crimson blade, Sith no doubt moved with extreme speed, precision and grace. Then it all happened so quickly. The man who had been speaking to the Jedi dead, the crimson blade going straight through his torso and back out from his side. Before the man who was already deceased dropped, the Jedi had already ignited and raised her own lightsabre to parry what was clearly a formidable attacker intent on killing her too. Still looking through her blaster rifle's scope, now having the Sith woman in her line of fire Mako squeezed the trigger. Pieu! The plasma bolt streaked out of the blaster rifle's nozzle with extreme accuracy and speed hitting the Sith on her shoulder. Yet to Mako's utter surprise causing little or no damage. Her shoulder armour pads not only absorbing the impact of the blaster bolt, the Sith woman didn't even flinch as she made her aggressive lunge towards the Jedi Master who at this stage appeared to be holding her own..... But only barely.


The Jedi Master Kixi Rajki held her weapon, her lightsabre before her in two hands. The Sith paused, but only for a moment's time, simply to take the opportunity to stare down and into Kixi's eyes. Kixi instinctively stared back at it, the Sith creature visibly revealed. Bold markings of red and black covered a demonic face in strange, jagged patterns
beneath a crown of stunted horns encircling its head. Feminine in shape and humanoid, her slitted eyes and hooked teeth were nevertheless feral and predatory, and her how was a hunter's challenge to her prey. Kixi immediately identified the alien creature as a Zabrak. Her look was reminiscent to that of a powerful male Zabrak Sith Lord from a time long past. The name immediately popped into Kixi's head, Darth Maul, however unlike Maul, this new age feminine version of the Sith warrior did not wield a double sided lightsabre, but a single blade like herself. At least that's what she initially thought.

“Your power is weak compared to the power of the dark side Master Jedi. Nothing will save you from your bitter end, not even your sniper friend who will soon join you in death.”

The realisation hit Kixi hard. The fact that the Zabrak had just threatened to kill Mako after she was done with Kixi in event of the Zabrak's triumph over the Jedi. Kixi snarled at her, a slight tinge of anger building up within the Jedi.

“I feel your anger Jedi. Good. Your sniper friend, I know who she is, and your devotion to her. She will be your ultimate undoing and failure.”

"You will never bring harm to her. You're right, I would sacrifice my life for my love, but it will not result in my failure. You Sith are the one who has made the ultimate mistake. However it is not too late, you can still surrender to the light side. Everyone has good in them." Kixi said now calming herself, with any trace of anger she had earlier totally untraceable.

“You Jedi and your pitiful philosophies. If your worthless lover doesn't get you killed, your Jedi ideals will. Now enough of this. You die now Jedi scum!”

All in one swift movement, she leaped in the air and lunged at the Jedi to attack. Very surprised by the other's quickness and ferocity, Kixi barely blocked the blow with her own weapon, the blades sliding apart with a harsh rasp. The Sith spun away
in a whirl of dark clothing, then attacked anew, lightsabre slashing at her intended prey, face alight with a killing frenzy that promised no quarter. The Sith closed with her again, forcing her back, striking at her
from every angle. The younger Zabrak was clearly a match for the older Jedi Master, trained in the fighting arts of the Sith, a skilled and very dangerous adversary indeed. Worse, she was younger, quicker, and stronger than Kixi, and she was gaining ground rapidly. The Jedi Master blocked her again and again, but could not find an opening that would provide any chance of striking a blow at the Sith or even escape.


Looking to her right, Mako could see two heavily armed HK droids closing in on the now duelling Jedi and Sith. Then looking to her left, she could see two more HK droids attempting to flank the duellists from the other side. Not sure if they were on the Sith warrior's side or not, but clearly not being on the side of the Jedi Master Kixi Rajki, Mako cursed out aloud to herself. Taking aim again, this time at one of the two advancing droids from the right, she took a shot at the heavy firing droid. The blaster bolt hit the droid in the head, metal parts, bolts and molten wires splattered on the walls behind it. Mako pulled a lever on her rifle to quickly ready her next shot. Taking aim again, she acquired her next target by lining up the other droid in her sights. With her aim still smooth and steady, she pulled the trigger. The powerful blaster bolt flew through the air, hitting the droid dead centre in its chest plate going through it. It shut down before it could hit the ground. Quickly adjusting her body position in that she could take out the two on the left, Mako once again took aim. Seeing one of the two droids jump in the air to leap at the Jedi Master far below, Mako had to be lightening quick to get the next shot in. Firing with little time for proper aim, the plasma bolt from Mako's rifle flew towards the droid that had flung itself in the air lunging at Kixi Rajki. The bolt hit the droid on its upper leg, not exactly where Mako had aimed, but enough to fling the droid a fraction off balance. That inadvertently gave the Jedi enough time to turn away from the attacking Sith for just a fraction of a second, slice the droid across its torso in two, causing what ever was left of it to smash into a nearby wall, and then resume her battle with the Sith.

Then it appeared that the final droid had decided to stop its attack run on the two combatants. It didn't take Mako long to realise why either. It had spotted her far above on the tower. Igniting a jet pack it launched itself at an extremely high velocity towards Mako's position. Instinctively Mako's eyes lit up seeing it hurtling towards her with its gun pointing in her direction and ready to fire. Keeping her cool despite the droid coming at her with a deadly rocket jump, she took aim quickly. However her grip on her rifle began to stumble a little and slipped. Still looking through her blaster rifle's scope, she pulled the trigger. Missed. With a quick lever action to ready another shot she fired again only to miss again. She was almost out of time, peering into her scope once more, the droid too was reading its blaster which he now had trained on her. Pieu! The droid's head erupted into hundreds of fragments as a result from Mako's head shot first causing those fragments of metal to fling past Mako, a few hitting her harmlessly, while the rest of it's lifeless body crashed into a fireball into an adjacent wall.

That was it, Mako's work as a sniper was done. She could no longer assist her Jedi companion from where she stood. Now it was time to join the fray below. Alone she stood little chance against a Sith, even with all her high tech weapons and gadgetry. However as long as the Jedi Master fighting the Sith continued to stand her ground, she knew that she could be of valuable assistance.


Kixi Rajki Jedi Master, ex Sajnen Züncålazin was now in the thick of it, fully engaged in battle with the dark-garbed, demonic figure. The combatants surged back and forth across the wide alleyway, lightsabres flashing brightly in the dark of the night with each blow struck, dust from the dirty ground swirling in all directions. Kixi's blonde long hair streamed out behind her in sharp contrast to the smooth horned head of her adversary.

In the next instant the Jedi anticipated pairs of HK droids charging at them, approaching at speed to flank them from each side of the long open alleyway. These had to be the Zabrak's droid she cursed to herself as she continued to parry blow after blow from the Zabrak's highly intense attacks. Then as quickly as they had rushed in, the two that had attempted to flank them from the left became nothing more than junk and rubble, as two precise blaster shots from far above hit them with deadly accuracy. Yet it was far from over as far as the droid attack ran was concerned. There were still the two coming in from the right, and to confirm they had indeed belonged to her Sith attacker, they shifted their trajectory in a charge that would take out the Jedi master, or at least unbalance her to give the Sith an easy finishing strike. The first of the two droids charged at Kixi who already had her work cut out fending off her main attacker. It suddenly lunged in the air heading straight for her, before another blaster bolt hit it somewhere on its lower body. Knocking it slightly off its intended path, giving just enough time for the Jedi master to move slightly to slash at it slicing it in two, she sent its halves hurling towards the Sith. The droid flew in a shower of sparks and metal parts that the Sith dodged with relative ease, before scattering everywhere behind her. She then raised her hand, palm outward, in attempt to send the last of the droids crashing into the wall, but found that it was gone, changed course for the sole attacking sniper high above the rooftops. Nothing Mako couldn't handed Kixi mused with confidence before finding herself battling the Zabrak once more.

The combatants continued their fight. A fresh swirl of dirt lifted from their fast moving feet under the glare of the well lit up alleyway in Coruscant's underworld. Kixi stepped back, levelling her lightsabre, and swung a powerful two-handed blow at her attacker. The horned woman blocked it, but only barely, and in the process lost her balance completely. The blow's force swept her away, clear from the Jedi Master. Even if it were only a distance of around five metres, it finally gave the Jedi Master some room for comfort. In that instant, the Sith ran at her again to attack. Kixi lunged backwards half up a nearby ledge, before summersaulting forward in midair flying over the Sith to land on the opposite side to where the Sith had previously been standing. This forced the Zabrak to reverse defensively while the two combatants once again stood within five metres of one another, pausing a moment and staring into each other's eyes. The Sith demonstrating nothing but hatred and the desire to end the Jedi once and for all. The Jedi in turn demonstrating nothing more than the will to live, urning the hope of reuniting with her little sister again. That plus her one true love Mako spurred the Jedi with the determination to win this deadly contest.


Attaching her sniper rifle to her back so she didn't have to carry it, with a final crick of her neck, Mako vaulted the railing and fell to the rooftop below, landing in a skillful roll and coming up quickly into a jog. She built up speed rapidly, sliding under a row of pipes and springing from a small skylight. At the roof's edge was a metal pillar, a thick red cable running from its top and down to the roof of another building far across an empty street. With an elegant bound, Mako left the roof behind and took the cable with both hands, sliding faster and faster downwards towards her destination. Her leather gloves kept her hands feeling comfortable as she zipped along the cable, not really noticing the rising heat of friction. The cable terminated, Mako releasing her grip and landing with a roll on the next rooftop. She kept moving, kept the momentum going, then leaping from the square roof she landed on a wide girder suspended from a nearby crane, sprinting along its length before leaping again, this time onto the roof of the building next to where the combatants were duelling. Yet they were still too far down. Jumping down on a lower building beside the one she was already on, she landed atop a scaffold that rattled precariously under the weight of her impact. Mako kept running, then wall running onto a vertical wooden board at the end of the scaffold, Mako turned and pounced, soaring through the air and landing on the ground just five or so metres away from busy duelling combatants. And then the crucial moment arrived. Mako had partial sensitivity in the Force, and one thing she was adapt at was her skills in telepathy. Spinning on her heel and darting towards both Jedi and Sith, she passed her thoughts to her Jedi companion on what she was about to do, certain that the Jedi had understood to leap backwards, along with Mako herself who would fling herself forward in the direction of the Jedi, and for the Jedi to create a shield by using the Force. All that the moment she placed a series of thermal detonators that were set to go off the instant they were dropped in between where the Sith and Jedi currently stood.


The look of hate in her eyes were immense, she was determined to finish what she had come here for.

“You know my name Zabrak, why don't you tell me yours?”

The creature hissed before answering. "I am Darth Ayla and that's the last name you'll ever hear you Jedi scum." Not wasting anymore time with pointless words, the Sith charged at the Jedi lunging herself in the air, lightsabre in an attack formation.

Then the voice in her head. Mako! She was near! Approaching fast on her position! Detonators! Leap back together! Create protective shield using the Force! Now! The words telepathically still echoed in her head as Kixi found herself flipping backwards, flinging herself in the air with the other female figure who had appeared from nowhere and had already flung herself in the same direction as Kixi. From afar, the look of surprise on Ayla's face remained vividly in Kixi's thoughts as the explosives went off in sequence creating a massive explosion. How many detonators did Mako have Kixi wondered. Lots, as they kept detonating washing the area that had been the staging ground of their lightsabre battle with wave after wave of laser fiechettes. Each blast scoured the buildings closest to the centre of the blast from a different angle, guaranteeing that no unexploded detonators would be hit, allowing for them to also go off in turn. Both Mako and Kixi too, would have been reduced to a greasy, steaming stain on the duracrete. Kixi knew, from the second she heard her words echo through her head, through Mako's intent before she even mentioned it, that they had only once chance at survival at this cunning stunt, with only one chance to try to contain the damage.

Kixi sank within herself, touched the Force, started it flowing, and sucked in every stray erg being sprayed on her direction. She felt sting after sting, as if she were sliding through a Sarlacc's gullet, and it felt as if she were descending into a black pit of pain. She directed some of the Force to help her blunt the pain, but that made it much more difficult to hold on to all of the power she was absorbing. She knew she couldn't hang on to it for long, and she knew she needed to use it to contain the explosion's deadly force. She channeled all of it into telekinesis and raised her left hand. She twisted her wrist, starting the energies swirling into a vortex. She could feel the air begin to whirl around her, tightening, quickening. Flames from the fires caused by the exploding detonators leaped towards them at a super velocity, spinning themselves into the vortex. Loose debris, flaming bits of duraplast and rattling, clattering pieces of scrap metal flew into the air, filling the fiery cyclone with dark specks. She pushed and drove the vortex up and out through the air. The remaining detonators sailed up, exploding as they went, pulsing green and purple fire through the rising funnel. Flames wreathed them and she sucked their heat in, then vented it back out, up and out, building the firestorm's strength until it ripped through the sky above like a fire breath of some mythical beast. Parts of the walls from the buildings that surrounded them began to crumble and collapse, it's fragments flying in the air like sabacc cards into the maelstrom. She no longer needed to push, it had become a thing of its own, almost living, certainly breathing. She felt it tug at her, but the energy it fed her kept her rooted in place. She reached out with her mind, pitching up into the column of fire the last several unexploded detonators, watched them blossom brilliantly, then smiled. The explosion had been contained, drawn outward away from both herself and Mako, and more imperatively, separated the Sith from them possibly killing her in the process.

Though the walls around them glowed dully from the heat, they had not buckled. The tremors from the explosions had rippled out through the ground, but beyond that, and the fiery spear thrust into the sky, only the sides of the walls of the nearby buildings had been damaged by the Hutt's deathtrap. Kixi felt the firestorm's power begin to wane and she knew things were almost over, but she still had lots of energy left in her that she had to vent somehow. She looked up and allowed her smile to broaden. They were on a Sith controlled world. Her arrogance got the better of her as now she wanted them to know that the Jedi were by far the more superior.

Kixi expanded her sphere of responsibility and touched every mind she could find. Into them she projected a simple vision, one that would terrify many and reassure others. She let them see the shaft of fire stabbing up into the sky, and at its bottom was the hilt of a Jedi lightsabre. A figure of a woman, rose up through the black smoke, then the fire vanished as she switched her lightsabre off. She faded back into the smoke and was no more. Kixi opened her eyes and nodded as she surveyed the destruction. Mako had gone a long way as an elite warrior. Only together were they able to pull off this amazing feet. Tonight they would live up to their name, KnM Blade. Both had survived an attack from a formidable Sith warrior while the Sith warrior did not. At least Kixi had thought so initially. That was until she felt her presence nearby, and drowned in her thoughts and at the realisation that Darth Ayla had also survived the impact of the blast.

She hooked her lightsaber on her belt, as both Mako and Kixi got back onto their feet. Miraculous unscathed, she didn't quite get through as cleanly as she initially had thought. Fatigue dragged at her, and she staggered back to sag against one of the walls. Mako quickly took a hold of her arm helping her stay upright while she regained her balance. Kixi must have burned off most of her personal Force reservoir. Kixi was tired but at least not alone. Not thinking particularly sharply, she knew one thing. If they stayed where they were, Darth Ayla would find them again and possibly bring others like her into the hunt. For the time being, the Jedi and her beloved partner and wife had clearly survived the battle with the Sith, but it was time to go and now. Darth Ayla had already pinpointed their position and was on the move. Kixi needed to regain her strength, something that would require at least the good part of a half hour.

“Mako she's still alive and tracking us. Time to go now. Run!”

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