Falling For The Boss

this is my fan fiction about Stephanie McMahon Hemsley and Seth Rollins.working together in the authority no one noticed how close Stephanie and Seth got.what happens one day when Stephanie decides to do the unthinkable and cheats on her husband with Seth.



15. Time To Confess Part Four

Stephanie's POV

As Hunter and I laid in bed together I kept playing over and over in my head my time with Seth.Every emotion behind the sex we had.I instantly found myself getting wet then I realized that I was in bed with my husband."There was something that you needed to tell me baby?"Hunter says to me."I'm not sure how to tell you baby."I say to him as I slowly run my hand over his cock through his underwear."You can tell me anything baby"he says as he moans."This I can't baby."i say as I rub his cock fast.His moans were getting to me and I needed him to make love to me.I stand up and strip down as I look at him and bite my bottom lip.I then straddles him,lean over and kiss him as start to grind against him.


The next morning we wake up with our arms around each other.I smile up at him."Now what was it that you needed to tell me baby?"he asked me again."The baby may not be yours."i mumbled."What was that?"he asked again."The baby may not be yours."i say looking up at him crying."Who else did you sleep with steph?"Hunter asks pushing me off of him."That I can't tell you."i tell him."Then get out of my bed."he says."It's our bed."i say back."Get out of my bed!!!"he says again pushing me out of bed and on the floor.I start to cry more as I beg him to let me back in the bed.he refuses and tells me that I could sleep on the floor.I get up and walk downstairs.I walk into the living room and lay down on the couch.


I arrive at the airport just in time to catch my flight to the next city.I board the plane and take my seat across the aisle from Hunter and our girls.

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