Falling For The Boss

this is my fan fiction about Stephanie McMahon Hemsley and Seth Rollins.working together in the authority no one noticed how close Stephanie and Seth got.what happens one day when Stephanie decides to do the unthinkable and cheats on her husband with Seth.



18. Moment of Truth 3

As the day goes on the tension between Stephanie and Hunter gets worst.It gets so bad the girls start picking up on it.Just then the door opens and the doctor walks in.He walks over to Hunter and hands him an envelope."Is this the test results?"Hunter asks."Yes sir.On time as asked.I'll leave you to them"the doctor says.As the doctor exits the room and closes the door as Hunter opens the envelope and pulls out the papers.He reads them."Call Seth right now.He needs to see this"Hunter says as he waves the papers."Tell him that he has a son."Please don't leave me.I stopped with him"Stephanie says."I told you what was going to happen."

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