Falling For The Boss

this is my fan fiction about Stephanie McMahon Hemsley and Seth Rollins.working together in the authority no one noticed how close Stephanie and Seth got.what happens one day when Stephanie decides to do the unthinkable and cheats on her husband with Seth.



3. Blooming Affection

Stephanie's POV

Looking over I noticed Seth's eyes on me causing me to blush a little.He looks so sexy in his ring gear.What am I saying?I'm a married woman I shouldn't be developing feelings for another man.I walk towards him and put my hand on his shoulder."Meet me in my office alone Seth"I said to him."What about your husband?"he replies to me."I need to talk to you alone now that you decided to join us"I tell him."About what?"he asks."All professional business.Nothing more"I let him know."When do you need me to meet you in there?"he asks."Head there now and I'll meet you there in five"I said to him.

I watch him walk towards my office and my eyes lower to his ass.I could feel the heat rise within my body."Why must you always stare at new members?"my husband calls out to me."Just making sure he makes it to my office"I say without looking at my husband."More like scouting out the new toy"Randy says."It's not like that Randal"I state.

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