Falling For The Boss

this is my fan fiction about Stephanie McMahon Hemsley and Seth Rollins.working together in the authority no one noticed how close Stephanie and Seth got.what happens one day when Stephanie decides to do the unthinkable and cheats on her husband with Seth.



5. Acting On The Flame From Within Part Two

Stephanie wraps her arms around Seth's neck as he starts to suck on her neck."Don't leave a mark.Don't need my husband to find out"Stephanie moans out."I need you so bad Steph" Seth says against her neck."Not here.Can't risk my husband walking in" Stephanie says as she continues to moan."My hotel room then?" Seth said letting go of her neck.

Stephanie shakes her head yes as she removes her arms from around his neck and stands up.she leans over and picks up her shirt that's been discarded of during their heated make out session and puts it back on.she then runs her hands over her skirt smoothing out any wrinkles it may have.just then there's a knock on the door.Stephanie and Seth look at each other."Stephanie are you in there?"Randy says."Be right out Randal"Stephanie says."Hunter is looking for you"Randy replies."Tell him I'll be right there"she replies back.

Stephanie and Seth look at each other as silence falls on the other side of the door.she leans over and gives him a peck on the lips."Do you realize how close we were of being caught?"she whispers in his ear."I wouldn't risk your marriage"Seth replies."We are gonna risk everything in your hotel room"Stephanie says."And I will make it worth your time"he tells her.

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