Falling For The Boss

this is my fan fiction about Stephanie McMahon Hemsley and Seth Rollins.working together in the authority no one noticed how close Stephanie and Seth got.what happens one day when Stephanie decides to do the unthinkable and cheats on her husband with Seth.



7. Acting On The Flame From Within Part Four

Stephanie's POV

I was about to knock on Seth's door when my phone beeped.damn text.who could it be I thought.I pulled my phone out of my pocket and unlock it.I look at the text.


****-mystery person

"I see where you went.does your husband know?"-****

"Who is this?How did you get my number?"-S

"It doesn't matter who I am and how I got your number.I can see you from where I'm at"-****

"Why are you following me for?-S looking around.

I looked around,but didn't see anyone.I turned towards Seth's door again and knocked this time.he opened the door and smiles at me which I return."Come in"Seth says moving to the side."I can't be long.I'm being followed"I replied as I enter his room."By who?"he says to me as he closes the door and locks it."I don't know"I reply to him as I hand my phone to him.

He reads the texts then hands my phone back to me.I lay my head against his chest as I slightly shake.He rubs my back then leads me to his bed.I lay down on the bed as he lays down by me.I turn my face towards him and kiss him as he pushes his hand down my pants.He runs his tongue over my lower lip as he starts to rub my clit.I moan into the kiss which gives him time to slip his tongue in my mouth.We french kiss as he rubs my clit fast.I moan loud and tip my head back as he pushes two fingers into my pussy.

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