Aqua Girl: Aqua & Fire Series #1

There are the Aquas, those who live in the oceans, rivers, and lakes. They can breathe underwater, and when in the ocean or river, they develop fins along their limbs, and a tail that helps them balance when swimming. They spend most of their time underwater. Then there are the Fires, those who live on land alongside humans, but can control and create fire. Both species live in peace and harmony, but there is one rule: Aquas and Fires cannot fall in love. So when See, a young girl who is also an Aqua, falls in love with a Fire she leaves her home, away from a forced marriage with an Aqua she never loved. But, she must stay hidden in the human world, for if her origin is discovered, chaos can be caused.


1. 1: The Marriage

I stand sulking in my wedding gown made of silk, the soft material not comforting me, but reminding me that my worst nightmare is becoming true. I huff, bubbles coming from my mouth. I scowl at everything around me, wishing this were not so.

My Father stands behind me, smiling brightly, his tail sweeping around his legs. "Isn't this great, See? You finally get to be with Finn! I know you have been waiting for this day!" 

No, not really, Father, I thought bitterly. Out loud, I said, "Yes, Father."

The music starts, the noise echoing through the water. 

Father gently pushed me forward, out of the empty, quiet room into the crowded, noisy one where the marriage would take place.

This is it, I thought, my tail drooping. I walk through the doorway, and everyone becomes silent, their fins twitching. Anticipating. Waiting. Watching. 

Finn appears beside me, his grin of perfect white teeth wide. He wore a black suit, and his blue hair was neatly cut short.

He smiled at me, and I forced myself to smile back. He took my hand, and I wanted to so badly yank it away, but I knew if I did, I was screwed.

We walked towards the front of the room, and as we passed the crowds of Aquas, they waved and whistled, their faces happy and proud.

Reaching the front, we faced Mr. Garret, who was wearing a robe made of purple and gold fabric, mostly covering his tail. He cleared his throat, the noise penetrating the silence, tapping his foot.

"Today is the day of See and Finn's marriage. Before we go on, you both must know that if you decide to go along with this, you are committed to each other for life. Do you understand?"

Finn nodded, and I reluctantly made myself nod as well.

Mr. Garret smiled and looked at Finn. "Finn, do you want to make See your partner, wife, and love for life?"

Finn smiled down at me, saying "I do."

Mr. Garret faced me. "See, do you want Finn to be your friend, husband, and protector forever and always?"

I swallowed, forced a grin, and answered, "I do."

Mr. Garret smiled. "Now. Make the commitment."

I saw Finn leaning towards me, and I made myself accept the kiss. Then, I pulled away.

The crowd applauded. 


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