The End

Everything was peaceful, the smiling sun, gentle winds, and the sweet scent of the grass. Until this one day, dubbed as The End, where ninety percent of United State was annihilated from the surface of this world. Seventy percent of the entire world was wiped out from the map. Ninety-five percent of the population suffered death. Our medical technologies and other daily needs became inaccessible. Radiation started to alter our DNA sequence, causing mutation that eventually introduced mutants that became our natural enemies."Humanity meet its end", was what everyone said in the beginning. Until the rise of Squad-000, mysterious group of humans that are able to survive in harmful wasteland and technologies to fight against the mutants. The one who lost his memory, Nameless, begins his journey to find you he really is.


1. End of the world, Beginning of the Journey

          The Mass Destruction of Nations(TMDN), simply mentioned as "The End", caused ninety percent of United State's landmass to annihilate from this world, seventy percent of the entire world to demolish from the planet, and total of ninety-five percent of the population to suffer death. Our medical technologies, together with other area of technological studies, was critically disturbed due to disappearance of database center and other equipment. The scarcity of basic needs caused panic around the globe. The introduction of mutates, species that evolved and adapted to our current standards, naturally became the biological enemies of humans, since high-tech weapons are unavailable. Human's were at verge of extinction, if it wasn't for the appearance of unknown group, Messiah. It seems that they preserved large portion of current technologies and their supplies of food and agricultural system for future needs seemed promising to survivors. Only the rural areas where population wasn't as nearly dense as other areas became the only place that was safe against the nuclear attack. And in the other areas, not a single ash didn't remain, corpses were the most common objects next to collapsed structures. I wasn't the lucky ones that lived in nature, though I was fortunate enough to survive the blast caused by the detonation of the bomb. The consequence of surviving the explosion wasn't a great deal. The explosion propelled me toward the air, I couldn't have done anything but to protect my internal organs. One of the building was right in the direction of my flight, each segment of my bones felt the experience of being broken for the first time. The impact it had on muscles was simply indescribable, each and every fiber of muscles felt as if it had been sliced inhumanely, it was simply hot and painful. The skyscraper was reinforced by tempered glass, it was natural that force of the explosion and the object(I) collided with immense force equivalent to that of medieval cannon would have destroyed every inch of my body. The effect of the explosion didn't stop, it continued to drag me onto the next destined area, the back of the building. I immediately knew that only choice I had was either letting myself out of misery or survive but suffer permanent injuries. I let go of my motionless fingers, wishing to face the end, but I started to hesitate. I began to think, "If I die, what will happen?" All of this foolish mistakes will happen once again, and everyone will suffer pain again. I couldn't afford myself to rest in peace while humanity will be extincted. It was too late, my body flew once again like rag doll, the sight of the building became reduced within each second I spend in midair. The ever furious wind became calm, I began to fall from the very location in the air. My mind began to read the short fourteen years of my life, and my eyes began to moisten from the very fact that I wanted to live. So I shouted by mustering all of my energy, "I DON'T WANT TO DIE." 




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