Love story

The love story of two really beautiful couples the girls name is Scarlett and the boys name is Luke. Their love story is crazy and a lot of things are go to be happening.


6. The Next morning

the next morning to the lobby. 

Luke: where is she at 

 ???: hey Luke 

Luke turned around and saw Scarlett in a floral crop top with black jeans and a pair of black Jordan 12's with her hair up in a ponytail.

Luke: Scarlett is that u

Scarlett: who else where u expecting at 12am in the morning 

Luke: sorry that was a silly question but let's go shall we

Scarlett: that's ok but yea lets go 

Luke walk to the door and open it for Scarlett so she could go to his new car that was waiting outside of there home. 

Scarlett: Luke is this ur car 

Luke: yea girl u think i like riding in a taxi 

Scarlett: I feel the same way as u do ok so don't get me wrong 

Luke opened the car door for Scarlett. Scarlett got in the car and Luke ran around the car to the drivers side then got in and drove off to duch square so that Scarlett can find some new outfits or something, most likely they had fun. At 10 pm they went back home. At the front door of uncle Jims house.

Scarlett: thanks Luke for today I had a lot of fun

Luke: ur welcome and I had fun too

They stand there for a couple of seconds looking in each other's eyes then Luke and Scarlett started to lean in and they kissed and then 1 minute Scarlett had breakin the kiss.

Scarlett: I'm sorry i don't now what com- 

Luke: look it's ok there is no need to apologize ok

Scarlett: ok


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