Love story

The love story of two really beautiful couples the girls name is Scarlett and the boys name is Luke. Their love story is crazy and a lot of things are go to be happening.


15. The big surprise!!! Part2!!!!!

where we left off 

~knock knock~

Luke: who is it

???: Luke open up its me 

Luke: ok 

Back to the story

Luke gets up and goes to open the door when he the door hit him in the face and he fell to the floor

???: Scarlett where are u 

Scarlett: mom why are u here

Scarlett's mom: to tell u that u are going to be a big sister 

Scarlett: A BIG SISTER!!!! Are u crazy how did this happen

Scarlett's mom: my new boyfriend 

Scarlett: boyfriend where is he

Leo: hey Scarlett it's nice to meet u

Scarlett: well what's ur name

Leo: oh my name is Leo 

Scarlett: oh well Leo u better take good care of my mom

Luke: Scarlett come on we have to go to school

Scarlett's mom: oh about school u guys don't have to go to school because called the school and told them that u guys are sick

Luke & Scarlett: cool that's mom


What's going to happen next? 

Up until next time on "love story❤️"

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