Love story

The love story of two really beautiful couples the girls name is Scarlett and the boys name is Luke. Their love story is crazy and a lot of things are go to be happening.


14. The big surprise!!!!! Part 1!!!

Scarlett P.O.V

Hope that bitch doesn't come to school today because if she does come then she better be ready because I'm not going to be the nice guy.

Back to the story

Luke: Scarlett come on we are late for school 

Scarlett: ok I'm coming

Scarlett comes down the stairs and Tripped then, fell on Luke 

Luke: you are heavy u know

Scarlett: so u are calling me fat 

Luke: no babe ur no-

~knock knock~

Luke: who is it

???: it's me Luke open the door

Luke: ok


Who is at the door? Who do u think it is at the door? Comment 👇👇

Up until next time on "love story❤️"

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