Love story

The love story of two really beautiful couples the girls name is Scarlett and the boys name is Luke. Their love story is crazy and a lot of things are go to be happening.


11. Is Scarlett and Luke going to break up

 Luke's P.O.V.


I don't think want to break up with Scarlett because she is my life and if I don't have her in my life I don't now what to do with my life. I think 💭 I might die if I don't have Scarlett in my life and when the story starts I will tell her that.

Back to reality 

That day when Scarlett and Luke had that big fight they got over that night but do u think Scarlett and Luke break up well we will just have to find out in the story.

Back to the story 


Scarlett: Justin can u help me right now and in plus I told him no but he didn't listen to me and just ate it

Luke: ummm Scarlett I'm so- 

Justin: Scarlett are u that mad about a donut that he ate

Luke got up at of his desk and walked to Scarlett and looked in to her eyes

Luke: Scarlett I'm sorry I ate one of ur donuts but let's not argue about this no more ok I didn't mean to hurt ur feelings at all. I love u soooooo much I don't want to lose the thing we have together ok and u are my life from beginning to end of the world that's how much I love you. 

Scarlett started to cry then Luke hugged her for a minute then pulled her back and to kissed her but Luke felt someone's hand on his shoulder.


Who's the person that touched Luke on his shoulder? 🤔 Think about it? 

Up until next time on " love story "

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