Love story

The love story of two really beautiful couples the girls name is Scarlett and the boys name is Luke. Their love story is crazy and a lot of things are go to be happening.


2. Here now

2 hours later and we got off the plane. New York City is popular and a toxic city I hope I don't get sick.

Scarlett's mom: ok honey here is our car 

Scarlett: nice car mom but can we go now I have a feeling that someone is watching us right now 

Scarlett's mom: why there is nobody that we now that come could out thereto watch us because the only person that we now is ur uncle Jim an- 

Scarlett: uncle Jim lives in New York why didn't u tell me that are we going to stay with him plz say yes 

Scarlett's mom: ok u can stay uncle 

Scarlett: YES!!!!! 

I was so happy I get to stay with my uncle Jim and the best thing about it is that he said I can do what every I want to do except for having sex because he don't want to be a grandpa at my and I'm alone 17, I'm not that stupid ok so I think he can trust me from get pregnant.

???: BOO

Scarlett and her mom: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I turned around so fast I thought I was going to fall but luckily I didn't 


uncle Jim: yes it's me I'm happy to see u Scar

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