Skylar is used to being alone, staying in the shadows of the world around her. She is used to being quiet and not getting noticed. She is tired of being alone now, so she is determined to do something about it.


2. Chapter 2

I went back to my table and everyone suddenly stopped talking. They all stared at me with stunned expressions. Carter didn’t look stunned though, he looked kind of sad actually. I slowly pulled my chair out and sat down. I stared back at all of them and could tell they wanted details. There really weren’t any details. I fell, Trenton helped me, and I was just going to hang out at his house later. Okay, so maybe it was interesting, but it was there stunned faces that got to me.

“What?” I asked.

“You know what!” Rachel replied excitedly.

“I don’t think I do. I just fell and Trenton helped me.” I dumbed the situation down.

“Nothing else happened?” Carter asked warily.

“Well, I’m going to his house later. It’s no biggy.” On the inside I was screaming with joy.

“OMG! Sky! That’s so amazing! Trenton is the most popular guy in school!” Rachel beamed.

Of course she would just care about the popularity.

“Who cares? It’s big deal. Now be quiet before you draw more attention to us.” I warned half jokingly.


School went on, and finally the eighth period bell rang. I headed to my locker casually, though my heart was beating ten times faster than usual. I stuffed my folders and notebooks into my my backpack and grabbed my gym bag. I slung them both over each shoulder and headed to the parking lot. I found my old pickup and looked at my phone. Trenton had texted me his address earlier. 1292 Pines St. I tried to start my car but it just made a noise like it was sick.

I always seemed to have car problems. With a little bit of silent encouragement, my old car started up. Unfortunately, the gear shift was stuck in park. I used all my force possible, and finally I was able to move it into reverse, back out, and then into drive. As the drive went on, I got more and more nervous. What was Trenton really going to be like? Maybe he was secretly a really nice and poetic guy. A million thoughts shuffled through my head, and before I knew it, I was in Trenton’s driveway. I inhaled and exhaled deeply and went up to his doorstep.

I rang the doorbell, my heart about ready to jump out of my chest. I quickly checked my makeup in the small door window. It was good. After about thirty seconds, nobody had answered. I rang it again. Nothing, not even a single noise from inside the house. I rang one last time. I waited for over a minute, but still heard nothing at all. I was stood up. I marched back over to my car and slammed the door shut. I was too angry to start crying. I should’ve known better. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up so high. What a douchebag.

I calmed down. Maybe I was at the wrong address. I texted Trenton and asked where he was, but I started to head home anyway. I pushed the stick shift into reverse, and then into drive. I really shouldn’t be that angry, I mean, if anything would’ve happened between Trenton and I, even the slightest of sparks, news would have spread over the school and I would be out of the shadows I had hid in so well. I was used to being alone, and that’s how I am meant to stay. I have friends and family and that’s all I really need. Staying hidden was my specialty.

I turned onto the next road and heard my phone buzz. I had texted while driving a few times before and was pretty much a master at it. I grabbed my phone, typed in the passcode, and looked at the text from Trenton.

It said- Sry, I got stuck @ school. I’ll b a little l8t!

So I wasn’t stood up. He just got caught up at school. It didn’t matter though, I was going to stay hidden in the shadows. There was no way I was going to have gossip about me spread in the school over a guy. I started to reply.

I started typing- Sry, probs won’t work. I g2

Screech! Bang! Crash!


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