Skylar is used to being alone, staying in the shadows of the world around her. She is used to being quiet and not getting noticed. She is tired of being alone now, so she is determined to do something about it.


1. Chapter 1

    I watched him walk by me. He just passed me by like I was just another face. I guess it’s true though, I am just another face. I realized I was still staring, so I quickly averted my eyes, even though he wasn’t looking at me. Stupid! I told myself over and over. Staying in the shadows was more of my thing, and there was no way I was going to ruin that over a stupid crush. Trenton Jacobs would never like me, and he was off-limits anyway. I shut my locker and turned to walk off. I took one step, but was immediately startled.

    “Oh! Sorry Carter.” I apologized to my friend.

“Better watch out. If that wasn’t me, you might’ve actually had to talk to someone.” Carter joked.

“I like it better not being noticed.” I shrugged.

“I know. Come one, we’re late for lunch.” Carter pulled my arm and we headed for the lunch room.

We reached the large lunch room and grabbed out trays. We walked through the line and picked out our food. I went with my typical salad and fruit with a water bottle. Carter always makes fun of me because I get so little. I always just tell him I don’t want to get fat, but he just goes on a rant about how ridiculous I am for even thinking that. Carter loads his tray with two slices of pizza, french fries, potato chips, and a bottle of Gatorade. Carter is on the football team so he just says he has to stock up on carbs, but I knew he just really loves food. It’s amazing how Carter only weighs about a hundred and thirty pounds, most of it is muscle though.

We take our trays over to the far back of the cafeteria and pick a lonely table to sit at. I plop down in the seat where I will be the most hidden. I hear Carter snicker, but I just smile. I start to dig into my salad, but I don’t get very far, because Alice and Rachel come and sit down next to us. Alice and Rachel are my best friends, besides Carter of course. Alice has this simple and calm air to her, while Rachel is big and bold. They cancel each other out and it’s a perfect balance.

“Ugh, this table again?” Rachel complains.

“I like it back here.” I answer, finally getting to eat my salad.

“I don’t. Nobody even knows we’re here!” Rachel begins to eat her slice of pizza.

“Give Skylar a break.” Alice takes a small bite of her pizza, trying not to get grease on her face.

“I’m just saying, I like to be social, this table isn’t really helping me.” Rachel rebuttals.

“If I hear you girls complain about this stupid table one more time, I’m going to have to start a food fight.” Carter piped up. He’s already finished both slices of pizza and half a bag of chips.

I roll my eyes. “A food fight requires food Carter, we all know you wouldn’t waste precious food.”

“Fair enough.” Carter pops a few chips into his mouth.

We continue to eat our lunch, talking about random things like homework, gossip (which Carter hated), and football (which Rachel, Alice and I hated). Everything was nice and simple. I finished my salad and fruit, and went to dump my tray. On my way to the trashcans, I slipped. Water spilled all over me, along with some ranch from my salad. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I started to stand up again.

“Need some help?”

I looked up and saw two dreamy eyes staring at me. Big and brown. I saw his brown hair, perfectly placed on his head. I so badly wanted to run my fingers through it and feel its softness. I snapped out of my trance and stuttered.

“Oh. Uh… no, I’m… I’m fine.” I stood up and looked at the huge ranch stain on my t-shirt.

“Are you sure?” Trenton asked again.

I nodded.

“I haven’t seen you before, are you new?”

That’s a question I am asked a lot. I just shook my head and continued to dump my tray and headed to grab some napkins. Trenton followed me for some reason.

“Here, let me help.” He grabbed some napkins and started to wipe the ranch off.

“I got it.” I took the napkin from him and wet it with the drinking fountain.

“What’s your name?” Trenton asked curiously.


“Skylar. I like it. I’m Trenton.”

I giggled.

“What?” He asked with a confused look.

I shook my head, dismissing his confusion.

“You don’t talk very much do you?”

“Guess not. I don’t really like getting noticed. As you just saw, that’s what happens when I do happen to get noticed.” I explained softly.

“Seems lonely.”

“I like being alone.”

He laughs. “We should hangout some time. How about after school at my house?”

“Uh… sure. I guess.” I was stunned.

“See you around Skylar.” Trenton leaves just like that.

I am left dumbfounded. I guess I have a date tonight with Trenton Jacobs. What a strange day.

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