Lauren is just an average girl who loves Halloween. Along with her five bestfriends... A'sauni, Belle, Marisol, Teliyah, and Pedro. Well, except for A'sauni and Pedro, they're boys. And although, they we're all too old for trick or treating, they we're all attending Teliyah's Halloween party at her house. They decided on going in a group costume for the competition. With that being said, everyone took a trip to visit the Halloween store, Spirit, at the mall. But what happens when the store closes and only Lauren and her five other bestfriends all get trapped in Spirit... OVERNIGHT? Not only are they trapped with some many freaky "props" and spooky "dolls", but what will happen when they all come to life? So called "Possessed". Will the friends make it through the night? Who will survive and who won't? (Keep reading to find out! And yes this story is for the competition. So please like and favourite. Thanks)


7. The discovery of a parlor

"So now what do we do?" A'sauni asked neeled down to the floor while backed up in the corner beside Belle and me. "We need to find some source of light then find a way out of here." I whispered. "Right." Belle agreed, "We can't just stay in this corner all night, waiting for someone to save us. That won't happen, we have to save ourselves. It's too bad Pedro and Teliyah don't think the same, but their on their own." As soon as Belle finished up her statement, we heard a deafening shriek in the distance. But the ear-splitting scream was followed by a low pitch bang sort of noise. We all looked at each other with our eyes bulging out of it's socket. Then it became quiet. Which was odd. Even the clown's eerie horn music faded away. "So... is it just me, or don't we all think that this is the part in the movies where usually something pounces at one of us?" I asked looking at both of them. They shared the same concerned expression. But before we gave anything a chance to charge at us, we got up and scurried away, not sure where to. We eventually slowed down and paced ourselves, while clinging onto the wall, and caught our breath. "What are we even doing? We have no clue where we're going." A'sauni said breathing heavy. "Look," Belle began as she arched her back with her palms on her knees, taking deep breaths, "None of us know exactly where we're headed. We just know we're looking for safety." A'sauni leaned his back against the wall and attempted to relax. "And also find a light." he added on to Belle's declaration. I as well rested on the wall, or what I thought was the wall. Instead, I leaned back and had something firm and solid jab into the bottom of my back. I groaned with pain, "What the?" I asked aloud as I turned to see what had poked me. Belle and A'sauni looked my way just as I had noticed, it was a door knob. An excitement of joy filled my body, I even think a smile appeared upon my face. "Guys, look! I found some extra room." I announced. "Wait what?" A'sauni asked as he lifted his head off the wall. I steadily nudged the door open, nervous as to what the unknown room contained. 

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