Lauren is just an average girl who loves Halloween. Along with her five bestfriends... A'sauni, Belle, Marisol, Teliyah, and Pedro. Well, except for A'sauni and Pedro, they're boys. And although, they we're all too old for trick or treating, they we're all attending Teliyah's Halloween party at her house. They decided on going in a group costume for the competition. With that being said, everyone took a trip to visit the Halloween store, Spirit, at the mall. But what happens when the store closes and only Lauren and her five other bestfriends all get trapped in Spirit... OVERNIGHT? Not only are they trapped with some many freaky "props" and spooky "dolls", but what will happen when they all come to life? So called "Possessed". Will the friends make it through the night? Who will survive and who won't? (Keep reading to find out! And yes this story is for the competition. So please like and favourite. Thanks)


4. Spirit

We eventually arrived at the Mall, it took over an hour getting there though. Having to deal with dropping off all those other students at their houses, and waiting for the city bus to arrive at the bus stop down town. But we finally got there, and when we did, a sigh of relief came from all of us. We were all nervous that some how our parents would find out or something. Since they didn't, we just had a good time at the mall, like any other teenager. Although, there was some trouble getting some of us to go into Spirit. "Are y'all being for real?" A'sauni complained, "It's just a store, it's not like a haunted house or anything, even though, that wouldn't be too bad either." We all stood by the opening of Spirit, but some of us more comfortable than others. A'sauni, Pedro, and Belle tried convincing me, Marisol, and Teliyah that there's nothing to it, but Halloween decorations. "Yea but... that zombie looks scary." Teliyah whined. "It's your party, Teliyah. And it was YOUR idea." Belle argued as she stood by Pedro with her arms crossed and tapping her foot on the floor repeatedly. "She has a point." I agreed while A'sauni nodded his head, as well annoyed. "Then why did you go?" Teliyah asked with an attitude. "It's not my party, it's yours." I debated. "Look, if I go, will y'all go?" Marisol pleaded being the bigger person, also becoming annoyed even though she was a bit scared. "It's just a f**king store! Come on! We're all going." Pedro kept his mouth shut this entire argument till now, he was more annoyed than A'sauni, Belle, and Marisol combined. Pedro grabbed me and Teliyah by the hands and practically dragged us into the terrifying store. Well, some would say it's not even somewhat creepy, but Teliyah and I aren't the type to watch scary movies, just the type to watch R rated movies without permission. "No-what the-let me go!" Teliyah once again whined as she began pushing Pedro away. Even though, Teliyah is the strongest girl I know, he didn't budge. And I'm not sure how I went from being scared, to being completely embarrassed. Probably because the whole mall was now staring in our direction. "Teliyah, shut up! Your acting like a baby, even Lauren is over it." Belle instructed as Pedro let our hands free. "Phew, finally." the second Pedro let go, Teliyah tried to make a run for it. She turned around instantly, but ran into A'sauni instead. "Nope" he said with a huge grin across his face. "Teliyah, it'll be fine. I'm just as scared as you are. It can't be that bad anyways. Everything in here are just fake dummies or whatever." I said, trying to make Teliyah calm down as I scanned the room. But I had lied, although I will admit, it wasn't as bad as I remember it being when I was younger. Ever since I had seen a creepy baby doll, I had never returned to Spirit till now. But I was older now, and I had to be more mature. Or at least just keep it to myself so Teliyah wouldn't be as frightened.

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