Lauren is just an average girl who loves Halloween. Along with her five bestfriends... A'sauni, Belle, Marisol, Teliyah, and Pedro. Well, except for A'sauni and Pedro, they're boys. And although, they we're all too old for trick or treating, they we're all attending Teliyah's Halloween party at her house. They decided on going in a group costume for the competition. With that being said, everyone took a trip to visit the Halloween store, Spirit, at the mall. But what happens when the store closes and only Lauren and her five other bestfriends all get trapped in Spirit... OVERNIGHT? Not only are they trapped with some many freaky "props" and spooky "dolls", but what will happen when they all come to life? So called "Possessed". Will the friends make it through the night? Who will survive and who won't? (Keep reading to find out! And yes this story is for the competition. So please like and favourite. Thanks)


1. Party Invite

     I awoke from the sound of my mother opening my bedroom door with a laundry basket in her arms, yelling, "Lauren... wake up... it's time for school."

     She tossed my school clothes at the end of my bed, as I replied from under my covers with a groan, "Ugh" And with that, she carried on through the hall, probably waking my brother and sister and receiving the same response.

     As I finally lifted the cover over my head, I sat up and forced the drapes open, allowing all the sunlight to simply pour down into my room, shining down on my bed. Once I eventually adjusted to the brightness, my eyes opened wider than before, in a squinted manner. It had then come upon me, as I realized it was Halloween.

     The autumn leaves seemed to always put a smile on my face, until I realized I was fourteen. I couldn't go trick or treating anymore. My smile rapidly faded into a frown. For most teenagers my age, Halloween was nothing. Just because you can't go trick or treating doesn't mean we should just lose the spirit forever and-- (*phone vibrates*) My thoughts were interrupted from the sound of my phone receiving a text message from a group chat with my five bestfriends that mean the world to me.

     Belle, the very intelligent one. She usually has her long dark brown hair up in a somewhat messy bun with most likely a blue headband keeping the strands out of her face. Although, it never really does a good job. She's the one in the group that, for the most part, does her own thing, doesn't interact as much as the others, yes still, we love her just the same.

     Then there's Marisol. Her and Belle seem to always be talking about Harry Potter, and reading their fanfictions. I actually remember one time they did a Harry Potter Chamber poster thing for Biology. I don't know why they didn't just do a Cell Cake or something, but oh well.

     Next is Teliyah. She would be the first one to give her life up for... pretty much anyone. No I'm just kidding, but probably, mainly just her friends and family, especially her new boyfriend, Pedro. Yes I set them up together and yes I am proud. They're just always talking to each other about... stuff. Teliyah is the only reason why he is even in the group, in my opinion anyways.

     Since after all, Pedro is just that weird kid that you never noticed before, until he shows up in the end of a horror movie and kills all. Okay yeah that was a little harsh, but probably true. And last, but certainly not least...

     A'sauni. I'm pretty sure he's been voted the "group favorite" but I think we all just agreed to it for him. But yeah, he as well seems to mind his own business, not always though. But when he does, he's just watching anime probably, and when he doesn't he's usually stealing my water bottle. We play like that sometimes, oh yeah and then he'll steal my book, and bookmark, and so on. He's actually really cool though, so it's alright.

     Anyways, back to the message from the group chat... apparently, Teliyah had just texted, "Hey guys. Good morning and Happy Halloween! Is it just me or don't we all love this holiday? Just the thought of candy makes me want to be a child again, although I know we all agree that I'm very childish. But yeah anyways, my parents are off in Texas... again... and I'm pretty sure that half of my siblings are going to spend the night with someone else, and the other half are going trick or treating in some neighborhood with my Nana. So y'all wanna come over tonight for a party? I know where my dad keeps his money stashed away. Lol he tells me everything. But when he comes back with my mom from Texas, I think he'll learn that's not the best idea. So anyways, after school, you guys wanna come with me to that Halloween store, Spirit I think, to get some decorations and stop somewhere else to get like punch or something?" A huge smile appeared across my face once again. This was the best news ever. Apparently, everyone else thought so as well.

     They replied to Teliyah's text within just a few short seconds, all saying stuff like "Yeah sure, sounds cool." and "Definitely, I'm in." I just replied with a simple, "Duh." Although, I don't think that showed how excited I was. But it didn't matter, everyone was going and the party was a deal. And I couldn't wait to go to school and talk all about the party. It was going to be a long day, due to all the anticipation for the following night.

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