Lauren is just an average girl who loves Halloween. Along with her five bestfriends... A'sauni, Belle, Marisol, Teliyah, and Pedro. Well, except for A'sauni and Pedro, they're boys. And although, they we're all too old for trick or treating, they we're all attending Teliyah's Halloween party at her house. They decided on going in a group costume for the competition. With that being said, everyone took a trip to visit the Halloween store, Spirit, at the mall. But what happens when the store closes and only Lauren and her five other bestfriends all get trapped in Spirit... OVERNIGHT? Not only are they trapped with some many freaky "props" and spooky "dolls", but what will happen when they all come to life? So called "Possessed". Will the friends make it through the night? Who will survive and who won't? (Keep reading to find out! And yes this story is for the competition. So please like and favourite. Thanks)


15. Heading Home

It didn't take long before A'sauni had called the cops, and Belle had called the ambulance. While they decided to do that, I walked around the rest of the store, curious as to if my other friends were alive as well. I began to turn the corner of another aisle, but came to a halt when I heard my friend, Teliyah, yelling at Pedro. I turned back and followed the sound of their voices. "Teliyah? Where are y'all?" I asked examining the store. "We're over here." she sighed. I yet again followed the sound of her voice and eventually found their location. They both stood in the corner of the entire room, except for some reason, Pedro was crying. "Hey..." I said in a soothing voice as I slowly made my way over to them. "What's going on with y'all?" I asked. Teliyah grabbed my arm and pulled me aside, away from the corner. "Ugh... I don't know how to say this... but I might have, just maybe... broken up with him." she said in a low voice. I could tell she felt guilty. "What? Why? I mean, it's not like I'm surprised or anything, but still." I asked raising my voice. "Shh." she looked back at Pedro who happened to be punching a wall, "We just got in this argument while you guys were away. Just do me a favor and... try not to make it a big deal." she pleaded. I looked at Pedro, then back at Teliyah, "Fine. Let's just get out of here." I sighed and began walking away, but Teliyah stopped me. "Oh yea. What is even going on right now? With the lights and everything." she asked. "Nothing much actually." I began with sarcasm, "Just A'sauni almost got taken away by the clown, who apparently is some guy named Matt, I almost killed Marisol, and... let's see, what am I missing? Oh yea, and Belle shot this one dude, who I think works here, and A'sauni should be sitting on the other employee until the cops arrive." I answered. "Okay, um wow... I have SO many questions, but like the main on is... why would y'all call the cops if Belle murdered someone." Teliyah asked clueless. "Yea, makes sense, and we've already thought about it. We're just going to hope that the cops will eventually do some sort of lie detector on the employee that is actually... alive. And maybe there will be a lot of confessions in our pleasure." I looked at her and raised my hand to show her my crossed fingers. "Okay whatever." she laughed. "Hey Lauren! The FBI and everyone are here! They need to ask you some questions!" A'sauni yelled from across the store. "I'll be there in a minute!" I yelled back and turned towards Teliyah to wrap up our conversation, "We already called you and Pedro's parents. Ya know... just in case you were living." I said and flashed a playful smile. "Lovely." she replied and walked further to the front of the store, searching for her family. I rolled my eyes and as well headed to where everyone was. "Good your here." Belle said as she slightly shoved me towards the break room where Marisol's body still remained on the floor. I spotted a few men putting up some tape around her that read, "CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS" yikes is all that played through my head. "Uh, hello Miss. Lauren." a very young man that looked as if he was still a teen, if not a very young adult, began as he smiled, "You're not in trouble or anything here, we just have a few questions to be answered. Honestly, we all know you didn't kill your best friend or anything, but you know how those needy cops are." he played, lowering his voice into a whisper. "Yeah... I guess." I half-smiled as I stepped aside from the tape and so called crime scene. "We already talked to Matt and--" he said but couldn't finish, since I had questions myself. "Who's Matt anyways? I just figured he was the clown that literally chased us around all night long and locked me in a closet for hours, but I still don't know how he has any relations with... this store or anything." I asked. He sighed, "Yeah... we've heard all about that, and it actually turns out that Matt is the store manager. We've already got all the information from that Damian guy, you know, the one you're friend sat on. We ran a few test, and uh... they do this every year. We've never heard from anyone before, I mean although it was a suspicion, but no one has ever survived an entire night till you and your friends. I still don't know how you did it, but you all seemed to have managed pretty well, besides your other friend here, Marisol right?" he informed me with information I already knew according to Belle and her conclusion which were, and I'm not surprised, correct. "Yeah Marisol... you know she's breathing... right?" I asked him. "Oh uh... yeah we knew that." he said as he pulled the tape down from the walls and hid it behind his back. "Sure you did." I giggled. "But anyways..." he tried changing the subject, "We'll be in touch with you're lawyer. How do you feel about a lawsuit." he smiled as he stuffed the tape into his front pocket as if I didn't notice. "Isn't that a for real question?" I teased and we both laughed but became immediately silent when my older brother, who was eighteen and might have been just as old as the guy I was talking to, came trudging in. "Ugh, there you are. Mom and Dad are already mad, so we should get home soon." he said in a calm voice. "Figures." I complained. Once I reached the doorway, I looked back at the man, "Oh... bye." I waved. He looked back up at me, "See ya." he waved back. We walked past all the disturbance in the opening room containing the cops hand-cuffing 'Damian' as well as the clown or 'Matt'. And also Pedro being yelled at by his mother, Teliyah being trampled in a group hug with her grandmother and and seven siblings, A'sauni having a conversation with his older sister, and Belle getting seriously punished by her dad. My brother and I walked out into the actual mall and left the exploit scene behind, I did my best to put on a smile, "Well, that was an adventure." 

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