My best friend was kiddnapped

It is about a lock down at school that has gone wrong.


1. The begin

( this part of the story is begin told by Storye🔝 point of veiw)

(Storye just wake up for school)


Oh I'm late for school!                                                                                                           Dang I'm missed breakfast. Mama can you take me to school!

Shut the hell up Storye, i am trying to go to sleep. ( both parts are Storye mom talking)

It is 8:00 in the damn morning what do you want!

How am I going to shut the hell up and talk to you. Which one do you want me to do, I can't do both ( under her breath, this is Storye talking)​

You better response girl or I am going to lay back in bed. ( said by Storye's mom)

Can you take me to school, I am late ( said by Storye)

Ok, go ahead and get dress ( said by Storye mom)

You want to lay back down in the bed because you what to be all touch, touch, feel, feel with daddy in the bed! (under her breath)

Storye got all dress and her mama took her to school. On the way to school her mama brought her Wendy's to eat for her breakfast. And know she is in Mrs.Mahonty class. Also in this part of the story new people are begging put us the story. This is Kamari↙️( the girl with the phone in her hand.)




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