this is about a mother wolf who is trying to get her pup back after he was taken by a hunter.


1. A Mother's Fear

I start to come back to my den with food for my pup when I hear a gunshot from the direction of my den. I start fearing the worst, that my pup is dead, so I race to the den to find a man with a gun and my pup laying on the ground motionless. The man starts to walk backwards in fear pointing his gun at me as I walk to my pup, nudging my pup to see if he will move but he just lays there on the ground. The man is still pointing his gun at me, I walk to him with rage and as i'm about to attack the man, another man comes running and shoots at me, hitting my ear. As he keeps on shooting at me, I run and I see my pup being taken away by the humans.

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