You just brok me, and I let yo do it.


1. Destoryed


Most people will say that the world a beautiful place, but i can say that, 

Sometimes the world is a cruel place, a planet you will not like to live on. 

I had seen and experience a wold, were they are no humanity, no caring, 

only tears and fear. Were you get bullied because, a girl thinks is fun, were a girl or boy can change you life in on second and turn it upside down. 

A wold were you try to do everthing right, try to impress everybody so the don’t think you are losser, but even if you do evertning right they will stil pick on you, for no reason. 

I was bullied by girl, and i dont know why. I thought we were friends, best buddies, but now I know I was wrong. I had tried to do everthing that i possible can, I had change myself, but for what a person that dosen’t care about you. A person there mean nothing to you but you try so hard to get there respect, just to here them say that you are good enough, respect you, I will do anything for that. 


Why did you do it to my, to see how long it took for me to break down, for me to emit you are right, because then you have sussed. I broken not just my heart, but also my brain, I cant even look at my own reflection without say one bad thing about my body. I can’t tell myself that I am good enough and believe it. 

The things you have done, I can’t explain it, you just brok me, and I let yo do it.


So if there is anyone out there who read this and bully others pleas stop, because you do not know how much you destroy the other person

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