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2. But Coffee


Theme: screw it =D

Status: I don’t think this will help the story

Summary: SPOILERS *siren noises* SPOILER ALERT



“Nooooo, Phil, Its cold,” Dan shivered.

“But coffee!” Phil answered exasperatedly.

Dan just threw his arms out in front of him and pouted, motioning for what Dan calls ‘CUDDLEZZ’.

“I guess it can wait,” Phil sighed wrapping his arms around Dan.

Dan laughed manically and threw Phil on the bed (No this isn’t what you might think). Dan got on top of Phil, straddling his legs.

“D-Dan what’re you doing?” Phil asked.

“Tricked you! Ha!” Dan chuckled as he just flopped down on to the rest of Phil and hugged him.

Phil flipped them around so that he was on top of Dan now. He lifted his hands in the air, and wiggled his fingers. Dan knew exactly what was coming now.

“P-Phil No! Don’t you dare tickle me, nonono! Do-“Dan said sternly, before he was cut off by Phil’s cold fingers brushing Dan’s neck. Dan was in hysterics by then, and Phil wasn’t even tickling him. Phil ignored Dan’s pleads for mercy, he just kept tickling him.

“St-Stop” Dan hiccupped, tears trailing down his cheeks from the indescribable, hilarious pain.

“Awe, Okay, but only because you look adorable” Phil laughed as he watched Dan try to hide his embarrassment.

He got off Dan and laid down next to him, pulling the duvet over both of them and snuggling into Dan’s back.




Dan yawned, stretched, rubbed his eyes and then looked at the clock; 13:49.  He went to get up, but was stopped when he was pulled back down. He turned around and saw Phil’s eyes fluttering open.

“Time?” Phil groaned

“Good afternoon to you too. It’s almost 2 o’clock, I think we fell asleep again,” Dan replied.

“ow abut e geh l-lunch?” Phil asked as he was yawning.

“English please?” Dan questioned sarcastically.

“How about we go get lunch?” Phil replied chuckling.

“But coffee!” Dan said, mocking Phil from earlier.

They both laughed and got up to get ready to go get food.


Okay I know, it’s cringey. But hope you liked J and sorry for the long wait, but I’ve been busy y’know trying to regain a life. Okay byeeeeeee (The thought for this came to me when I woke up ten minutes ago and was in a half asleep state and I saw floating text boxes telling me to write this……) ……………….. Do I Need Help?



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