Girl In Forks

What if after Charlie and Renee split, Charlie found someone else? What if they got together and even had a kid? Meet Poppy Dean-Swan. The younger sister of Bella Swan by one year. This is her story of being the girl in Forks, and how her life changes when her sister ups and moves into their house after years of being apart.


1. poppy means flower

A/n: First Twilight story so I apologize for any mistakes or errors I make!

I froze in place and looked at my dad, Charlie Swan, as he broke the news to me over dinner. He continued to eat like it was nothing and cut a piece of his steak and scooped up some mashed potatoes. Dad looked back up at me and swallowed his food then gestured to my plate with his fork. "Are you gonna eat?"

I placed my fork on the table and furrowed my eyebrows. I leaned in with a shocked expression visible on my freckled face. "What?"

Charlie sighed and copied my actions and placed his fork down too. "What? Don't tell me your mad about Bella moving here, are you?"

Leaning back in my chair and grabbing a fistful of my hair I looked up at the ceiling. "No it's not that dad, I just..." I groaned and rubbed my hands down my face. "Bella doesn't even like it here!"

"And?" He said wiping his mouth off with a napkin and then getting up to put his empty plate in the sink. "Didn't you used to hate some things here too?"

I rolled my eyes watching him walk over to the sink and wash his dish. He knows what I'm talking about unless he really thinks Bella is going to grow attached to this place. I stood up with my plate and held it out for dad to take. He took it and nodded. "Thanks."

"Welcome old man." I say leaning against the counter. I looked out the window at the gentle rain hitting the glass window. The usual forecast for Forks.

"Hey, who you callin' old?" Charlie turned around looking over his shoulder and playfully nudged my shoulder. "As far as I can remember, I'm as young as a newborn baby."

I laughed and raised my eyebrow smirking at him and crossed my arms. "Yeah a newborn with a mustache and wrinkles?"

Charlie frowned and swatted some water my way making me squeal and try dodging the incoming dishwater. He chuckled and splashed some more in my direction.

"I give up! You win, you win!" I say surrendering. "I surrender."

He smiled wrapping an arm around my shoulders. "You better remember this moment when you try to pick a fight with me baby girl."

I smiled and wrapped my arms around him and nod my head. "Whatever old man."

Charlie chuckled and returned my embrace and kissed the top of my head and brushed my curls away from my face. "I love you Poppy, you know that?"

I didn't respond back and only closed my eyes taking a whiff of my dad's scent. I tightened the embrace and then loosened it. My eyes flicked back up to meet Charlie's. His were a chocolate brown while mines were a soft grey blue. He gave a small smile so I returned it and hugged him once more.

"I know dad, I love you too."

Charlie smiled and planted a sweet peck on my forehead one more time then ruffled my hair. "8:50 time to hit the hay."

I pursed my lips as Charlie pat my back and made his way towards the living room. What is he talking about? I follow him and stop near the steps holding the rail for support. "Uhm dad what are you talking about?"

He looked up at me from his spot on the couch confused. He then made an 'oh' shape with his mouth and face palmed muttering something. "I guess I didn't tell ya'..."

Still confused I motioned for him to continue. "Tell me what dad?"

He looked away from me and rubbed the nape of his neck. "Bella is coming tomorrow and we have to go pick her up from the airport early tomorrow morning."

I gasped and let my jaw drop. "She's coming tomorrow!? Dad!"

Charlie shrugged his shoulders smiling nervously and said nothing.

"Dad." I said more sternly and crossed my arms glaring holes into the back of his head.

He continued to ignore me and turned around to watch reruns of baseball. I groaned loudly leaning on the railing and stomped my feet in agitation. 

"Throwing a fit won't change anything baby girl, so save that energy for waking up tomorrow morning." He said not turning around from his spot and waved his hand in a 'go away' motion.

I pouted and stuck my tongue out behind his back. "Whatever old man." I muttered and began my trek upstairs.

I heard him chuckle and he called out to me from downstairs when I reached my room. "Goodnight!"

I groaned but then smiled and ran a hand through my hair. "Night!"

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